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Google makes its VPN service available to all Google One subscribers


Google announced on Wednesday that any subscriber to its Google One cloud storage service will now get a VPN service.

Earlier, the American tech giant offered VPN service to subscribers of premium plans (with capacity of 2 terabytes and above), now this service is available for all (Google One) plans.

And Google said in a post on its blog: “All (Google One) plans already come with extra storage space to safely back up your files, photos and videos.”

And the company added: “With the aim of getting an extra layer of security (and peace of mind), we’re now expanding the VPN service from (Google One) to cover all plans, and we’re offering a dark web report in the US. Help you better monitor your personal information.”

By hiding your IP address and protecting it from hackers or network operators, the VPN service offered by (Google One) adds extra security to your activity on the Internet, regardless of the apps or browsers you use, Google said.

Without VPNs, websites and apps you visit can use your IP address to track your activity or determine your location. In addition, Google said it takes several steps to ensure that no one can associate your network traffic with your identity.

Starting today, over the next few weeks, the company will expand its VPN reach to all Google One plans. It starts at $1.99 per month, including the Basic plan.

The VPN service is available in 22 countries on Android, (iOS), Windows and Mac devices, the company said. If users subscribe to a single (Google One) plan, they can share the VPN service with up to five other people.

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In addition to expanding the VPN service, Google also announced that the service’s Dark Web reporting will be available to users in the US (Google One).

Online identity fraud, which takes advantage of information stolen through data breaches, is a growing problem affecting millions of people each year, the agency noted. Most of this stolen information is on the dark web, an inaccessible part of the Internet that requires a special browser to access and is not indexed by search engines. How do you know if your information has been found on the dark web that could be at risk?

The company said: “The Dark Web Report on (Google One) lets you scan the Dark Web for your personal information, such as your name, address, email, phone number, and social security number, and it notifies you. found.”

In addition to displaying results related to the personal information users add to their tracking profile, the Dark Web report also displays other relevant information found in these data breaches.

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