March 29, 2023

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Goodbye to the Champions League…Mbappe recalled his speech at the start of the season

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Paris Saint-Germain top scorer Kylian Mbappe has spoken to the media about his side’s shortcomings at the end of his Champions League career.

Paris Saint-Germain went down with two clean sheets against Bayern Munich in the second leg of the round of 16.

“This is the limit of our ability. This is the truth,” admitted Mbappe, sports website “ISBN” reports.

“In my first press conference since the start of this season I said we will try to do our best (in the Champions League),” recalled the Paris-born player.

The player of Algerian and Cameroonian origin said, “We have to rethink ourselves and go back to our daily life, which is the French league.”

And Mbappe, on the other hand, beat Bayern Munich, insisting, “They have a great team. They have a team designed to win the Champions League.”

Mbappe has refused to discuss his future with Paris Saint-Germain, especially in light of ongoing talk of the possibility of him leaving the “Parc des Princes” for a stronger and more competitive European league.

And the owner of the number 7 shirt insisted, “No, no, I’m calm. All I care about this season is winning the French league, then we’ll see.”

And he went on to say, “At this point I will only talk about the current season. Nothing else worries me, and now we are frustrated.”

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