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The Guardian: International support for ceasefire in Gaza reflects isolation of US and Israel


By Rabab Bhatti – A.S.A

Wednesday, December 13, 2023 10:04 AM

In the context of the conflict between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday overwhelmingly supported the decision to cease fire in the Gaza Strip, according to an article published by the British newspaper “The Guardian”. Egypt’s position, which submitted the decision on behalf of the Arab Group within the General Assembly, warned of the dire consequences of the continuation of the conflict. Gaza.

The author of the article, Ed Pilkington, said the resolution was approved by 153 countries out of a total of 193 member states, 10 countries, including the United States and Israel, objected, and 23 countries abstained from voting..

The article points out that this overwhelming support for the General Assembly’s decision to establish an immediate and emergency ceasefire in Gaza for humanitarian reasons reflects the degree of US growing isolation in support of Israel on the international stage. The result of the vote was met with warm applause and cheers from member states..

He adds that the support of many countries around the world for the Palestinian position fulfills the long-held hope of the Palestinians. Gaza Strip..

The article points out that the decision also reflects growing global support for the Palestinian people, as only 120 countries supported, 14 opposed, and 45 abstained from voting on the previous United Nations resolution for a cease-fire in Gaza on October 27..

In this context, the article explains that yesterday’s vote reflects the international consensus on the need to end the brutal Israeli assault on Gaza, which has caused the deaths of more than 18,000 Palestinians, most of them women and children. ..

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At the same time, the article notes that yesterday’s vote also reflects the level of concern among countries around the world about the dire humanitarian consequences in the Gaza Strip and the extent of their suffering in light of the continued violent Israeli bombardment..

The article addresses Palestinian reaction following the announcement of the voting results yesterday, citing statements by Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian representative to the United Nations, in which he describes the outcome. The people of Palestine are something America can no longer ignore..

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