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Google offers an exclusive battery feature for Android phones.. How do you benefit from it?


Written by Sama Labib

Sunday, December 24, 2023 at 03:00 AM

Start Google According to the Android Commission, it finally lets you know when your Android phone's battery is dying, and unlike iPhone users, who have long been able to see their phone's battery health stats from their settings, Android owners now need a third-party. Special command codes must be entered to check app or battery health.

This month's Pixel Features Drop has already added new battery information, now showing the battery's manufacturing date and cycle count.

But Android 14 QPR2 beta 2 adds a hidden “Battery Health” page, Rahman says, and while it doesn't yet include an actual battery health meter, the code suggests it might show information like “estimated percentage of battery charge.” Charged.” “Now” is a decade compared to when it was new.

According to the report, there are icons representing low battery capacity or battery detection, and it says the Settings app will send an “advisory” when there are any updates about battery health (for example, your phone can't detect the battery or the battery health has deteriorated. Battery).

A battery health indicator may seem like a pretty basic feature for iPhone owners who have been accessing battery health information for years, but it's good to see Android owners finally get an indicator that's directly accessible from the standard Settings app. , especially now that original replacement parts are now available (including batteries) and self-repair guides are more readily available.

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