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“Govit-19” Conference: The United Arab Emirates has strengthened its gains and achievements in the face of the “epidemic”.


Abu Dhabi Airport (WAM)

The official spokesman for the country’s health ministry, Dr. Noura al-Qaeda, confirmed that the United Arab Emirates had reached new frontiers of achievements and gains in just a few months against “Govt-19” and had strengthened its position. In many regional and international targets worldwide.
Al-Qaeda spokesman for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) said in a statement to the United Arab Emirates government: Today we are experiencing what the national organization has achieved with the coordination and commitment of all members of the community. ”
He added: “The Department of Health is continuing its efforts to achieve community immunity by providing vaccines to groups that are eligible for the vaccine, and the percentage of first-dose recipients in the total population reached 97.16 percent, while the percentage of those who received the two vaccines accounted for 87.00 percent of the total population.”
He said: “With these indicators and the numbers we have reached, we are getting closer to the immunity we want until we return to our new normal life. The vaccine has greatly contributed to reducing high infection rates or mortality, and once again recommends the importance of obtaining support levels according to protocols.” Recognized by the health department in the country for protecting our health and safety and those around us. “
He pointed out that the National Organization continues with its programs and strategies to assess the epidemiological situation and its impact on society in general, explaining that the National Organization in the country is constantly exploring all possibilities and circumstances, whether local or regional. Accordingly, the results of precautionary and preventive measures are used to ensure the health and safety of the community and the visitors coming to the country. Dr. Noura Al Qaeda said: “The state’s efforts over the past two years have been crowned with success, and today we see the benefits of government agencies working with the community of the United Arab Emirates in all its spectrum and segments.”
With the aim of gradually returning to openness in all sectors, he stressed the importance of the social role of safeguarding all the gains achieved, thereby adhering to the declared decisions and ethics for the benefit of all.
He added: “Since the onset of the global (epidemic), we recommend the importance of following all preventive and precautionary measures to improve health care for all. Get used to it in the future.”

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Adherence to measures
Dr. Noura al-Qaeda stressed the importance of adhering to these measures, which have become urgent, especially in light of the prevalence of mutations that threaten the health of some.
He added: New mutations are being monitored in many parts of the world, and are still being studied and monitored internationally by experts and researchers. Beta mutations are concentrated in the United States and South Africa. Concentrated in South America. “Variations of SARS-CoV-2 appear at a high rate worldwide, so epidemiological control centers and the World Health Organization are rapidly analyzing the characteristics of these types to inform public health authorities,” he added.
He said: “International health reports indicate that there is a direct link between the severity of the infection and the advanced age, or the presence of a weakened immune system or the presence of chronic diseases, but all available vaccines are still effective in reducing the severity. Infection and hospitalization rate.”
He added: It is our duty to recommend that those who wish to travel or want to travel in the days to come follow the instructions of the country in which they wish to travel, follow the precautionary and preventive measures and defend themselves. Activities.
He stressed the importance of rushing to get vaccinated or improving safety by receiving booster doses; This is done with the aim of boosting the immune system of everyone due to mutations from the “Govit-19” virus.

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