March 23, 2023

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In an attempt to bring back Hamdok .. US meeting with al-Burhan in Khartoum

In an attempt to bring back Hamdok .. US meeting with al-Burhan in Khartoum

International and regional mediation continues To resolve the crisis in Sudan and return it to the path of interim democracy. The US State Department said in a statement on Monday that US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Molly V had arrived in Sudan on Monday to work out a solution to the crisis.

The Associated Press reports that during a meeting of several leaders in the country on Tuesday, Molly called for the release of government officials and politicians arrested for announcing the imposition of the Armed Forces. Many exceptional measures, and the return of Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdo to his post, andHis government will return Which military commander Abdul Fattah al-Burhan announced his dissolution last month.

A meeting of evidence, freedom and change

Sources for al-Arabiya / al-Hadat said that al-Arabhan / al-Hadat will hold meetings today with al-Burhan and the first team, while the new deputy of the Sovereign Council, known as “Hemati”, Mohammed Hamdan Tagolo, the leader of freedom and change.

The issue of protecting peaceful protesters is also expected to be raised.

The U.S. meetings come after a massive demonstration in the capital on Saturday in protest of the military’s action, and several protesters have been killed, according to a panel of doctors in the country.

Demonstrations in Khartoum (November 13, 2021 AFP)

Yesterday, Monday, the aforementioned group confirmed that the death toll had risen to 7, with the exception of one of them, all of whom died of gunshot wounds, including a 13-year-old girl, Rimos Hadem al-Atta.

The American movement is also coming, while many political leaders and ministers are still detained Dawn of last October 25 (2021) Hamdok is still under house arrest, according to the UN Security Council. Confirmed more than once by the ambassador.

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On that day, al-Burhan announced the dissolution of the government and the Sovereign Council, suspending the work of certain provisions of the constitutional document, as well as the dissolution of several committees headed by the “Elimination of Empowerment” group. As well as many ambassadors abroad have been sacked.

Since then, efforts to resolve the crisis have begun both domestically and abroad, but Hamdok has agreed to release prisoners and withdraw before October 25, in order to accept a proposal submitted by the military through mediators. Order to form new government.