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Hamdallah with al-Ittihad … between the rules of Balotelli and Ibrahimovic Milan


No one denies the quality of Abdul Razak Hamdallah and his excellent technical value, and from this angle no one can doubt the possibility of his success with al-Etihad, especially after he has already played two seasons in the Saudi League, wearing the winning shirt and becoming the highest scorer of the competition.

In his experience with some Al-Ittihad fans the fear of Hamdallah’s defeat stems from the player’s tough and stubborn personality, which sometimes tends to be rebellious and at other times demands special offers.

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Success, and especially the Saud Al Swailem and Safwan Al-Suwaiket administrations, gave Hamdalla that special status and “sanctification and pampering”, but with him the attitude of the Muammar family’s entertainment management was different, so the matter was settled. His contract ended and he left the team unfortunately, compared to what he offered him.

Because Anmar al-Haili’s administration is more rigorous and rigorous than its current counterpart in al-Nasr, many fear it could clash with the Moroccan scorer and severely threaten its chances of being crowned negative in the Saudi league. The title, Hamdallah, enhances those opportunities and others hope that the brigadier will lead the way to regaining his fame and beginnings with the local title.

Going into recent history, especially by traveling to Italy and Milan and settling in Gaza Milan .. we find the past giving us two experiences that most accurately illustrate Hamdallah’s path with Al Ittihad. Or he follows in the footsteps of Sladen Ibrahimovic.

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Mario Palotelli & amp;  Sladen Ibrahimovic Milan GFX

Milan joined Bolotelli from Manchester City in January 2013 amid expectations of his success and fears that his problems and failures would recur. He played one and a half seasons at the club, which did not give them much, and left for Liverpool in 2014. -The 2015 season then returned to Rosenori, who borrowed in the 2015-2016 season, which was the beginning of a backward decline in his career, which went to Monza in the second tier of the Italian league and then to Adana Demiresboro. In Turkey.

Milan have the best chance for Bolodelli to return to the forefront, especially as he has all the talent and talent needed to become one of the best stars in Italy and Europe, but his tough personality and mentality broke his amazing legs and gradually took him back. He lost everyone’s trust and became isolated from everyone.

On the other hand, Milan signed Ibrahimovic in the summer of 2010 after a bitter experience with Barcelona, ​​which shook the confidence of the people and his ability to repeat his amazing success with Inter at another club, but Ibrahimovic calmed everyone down by leading the way to victory. After many years without the Scudetto title, the team was close to winning in the second season, but Juventus’ rise to action disappointed his effort.

Ibra left Milan for financial reasons and gained a new pride in Paris Saint-Germain, after which he returned to Rosoneri in January 2020, although that experience was more successful than the first. It has not yet added concrete success.

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Milan signed Ibra, and he was in a very difficult situation in terms of performance, results and the absence of the Champions League, and the Swedish star caused a revolution in the team and had a positive impact on all of his teammates. The situation is much better than what they did before his arrival, and as a result the team’s leadership to return to the Champions League in the 2020-2021 season, after reaching strong results and topping the table for a long time, is competing hard for the Serie A title this season.

Hamdallah is now at an important crossroads in his football career, marking his rebirth by joining al-Nasser after his troubles in Europe, China and Qatar, or resuming his career after the tragic end of his journey. Leave the world, or Saudi Arabia altogether and look for new opportunity elsewhere.

The 31-year-old will choose which path Palotelli’s ‘Early End’ or Ibrahimovic’s ‘New Glory’ will take. His personality, mood, content, sacrifice and performance will determine.

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