March 20, 2023

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تلسكوب جيمس ويب الفضائى يتجاوز القمر فى رحلة المليون ميل

The James Webb Space Telescope traverses the Moon in a million-mile journey

Move James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), a $ 10 billion joint venture between NASA And the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), which crossed the Moon early this morning and continued its journey of over a million miles towards its destination in Helios orbit, traveling over 2,400 miles per hour. .

According to the British newspaper, the “Daily Mail” he is currently heading to the second lockrange point (L2), the equator of gravity between the Sun and the Earth, where you will spend more than a decade exploring the universe. Infrared.

NASA also shared from its NASAWAW Twitter account: ‘Thanks NASAMUN! We will send a postcard to you and all the wonderful people at ASNASAEarth when we reach our destination. “

After a delay of several months, JWST was finally launched from the European Space Agency’s spaceport in French Guiana on Christmas Day and was expected to reach L2 within a month.

The space telescope aims to replace Hubble’s 30-year-old number, which is 100 times more sensitive than the aging laboratory, but will remain with it as long as the Hubble is still operational.

Astronomers expect JWST to “deeply change” their understanding of the universe and our place in it, including the ability to observe the atmospheres of the planets and first stars formed after the Big Bang.

The telescope reached the lunar surface at 01:20 GMT this morning, while completing its second flare as it continued its journey.

The second combustion is to fine-tune the path to point L2, one-third of the plane, and make a mid-course correction.

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The first combustion saw a slight fuel burn on Christmas Day, just after its release, allowing small changes to be made in its course.