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Hanan Durk in Tik Tok .. The retired star is celebrating her son’s entry into the art world by increasing his activity in the social media world.


Retired Egyptian star Hanan Durk returned to speak to the audience, and was eager to share with them the family snapshot of a banner he had recently collected with his middle son, who decided to celebrate his birthday. Party.

Hanan Durk celebrates his middle son’s birthday

Hanan Durk’s short story feature on Instagram, commenting on pictures and pictures with his middle-aged son celebrating his birthday, “Happy Birthday .. Dear, Sushi.”

Celebrity star Hanan Durk appeared at a funny moment with his son, who ate his birthday cake with a smile next to him, and his brother Adam was eager to share the same picture his mother shared on his account, and commented: “Happy birthday my little brother.”

Hanan Durk announces joining Dick Tock world

In addition to Hanan Durk celebrating the birthday of his middle-aged son Muhammad, the retired star decided to increase contacts with the audience, join the world of Tic Tac Toe, advertise his account on the popular video site, and place a link to the account. , On the profile of his account on Instagram, but so far he has not posted any video. Tarifa with new account in Tik Tok.

Hanan Durk is constantly eager to share his best scenes with his family and audience, and he always celebrates events that belong to everyone, and the latest one is celebrating the birthday of his eldest son Youssef. He recently appeared in a film with whom he appeared when they embraced him while they were at the beach, and he wished his son a happy birthday, and he said in his message: “I’m getting even better in your life, embrace it, and start a future with unlimited possibilities and opportunities.” .Happy Birthday .. I love you. “

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Hanan Durk supports his son’s talent

Yusuf, for his part, expressed how happy he was by his mother’s words at the time. Yusuf Hanan republished Durk’s post with a short story feature in which he commented: “The only soul that can give me is the reason to continue .. I love you, Mom.”

Hanan is also constantly interested in supporting his eldest son’s rap talent because he previously released a video clip of a new song titled “Queen” for his son, which will inspire his son and surprise the audience. Appearance, and Yusuf Gaddafi appeared on the song clip at the time, he was standing in front of a white car, he sang rap in English, and a large number of followers hailed Hanan Durk’s son for his talent. Success in what he provided.

Images from the Instagram account of Hanan Durk and his children

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