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Have you heard of “anti-nutrients” and their health effects?



Have you heard of “anti-nutrients” and their health effects?

Language development disorders in preschool children.

In last week’s issue of the “Your Health” supplement, we talked about the basics and ways families can help their children return to school healthier, smarter, and more productive. It was administered to normal, healthy children who did not suffer from any disorders that might prevent them from integrating normally with their peers and lower their understanding and achievement levels.

Among these students we should not ignore the group of children with language developmental disabilities. The questions here are how to identify them and what we can offer to help them.

The educational environment represented by the school, especially in its early stages, focuses on academic, linguistic and social skills, with the aim of developing them to enable the child to continue through the following educational stages. Successful development in these early stages. There children are taught the rules of play, communication and social interaction. Here, there is a major challenge faced by children affected by a disorder in the development of language skills, which may require additional support.

Children and language learning

Dr. Head of Communication Disorders Department at “Your Health” Mental Care Clinics Complex in Riyadh. Wael met Abdul Khaliq al-Tagruri. He is an educator, researcher and consultant and associate professor for many organizations. College of Medicine at Al-Faisal University in Riyadh, he is also an international ambassador for the American Speech-Language Association specializing in speech-language pathology. As a speech and language pathologist we consulted him on the matter.

Dr. Weil began his talk by explaining the scientific fact that we should all be aware of that children learn language in parallel, but not always at the same time.

He explained that it is normal for some children to communicate linguistically early on and understand everything that is said to them, but others do not communicate linguistically efficiently and adequately, and some of them may have difficulty listening and paying attention. He also explained that it is possible that some children may suffer from speech or language problems before starting school.

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“Preschool” children between the ages of 3 and 5, some of whom have the opportunity to enter kindergarten early, and others who have not yet. This last group has problems following directions or understanding questions when they start school. They may have difficulty learning new words or using appropriate sentences based on structural or semantic content. A child in this group may experience problems with both, known as developmental language disorders.

Indicators of language disorders

Are there signs of language disorders in preschool?

Dr. Wael Al-Dakrouri answers: Yes, there are indicators of language disorders at the preschool level, and these indicators appear at different language levels, represented by children who face problems in comprehension, expression and language use skills, and are as follows:

• “Receptive language”: problems in linguistic comprehension among children, when faced with difficulties in the stages:

– Pointing to objects and pictures when asked.

– Answer questions.

– Follow the instructions.

– Understand what people mean when they use gestures and gestures, such as shrugging the shoulders or nodding.

Understand long sentences and phrases.

Understand what people mean when they use pronouns and adverbs of place and time.

• “Expressive language”: Some children may suffer from problems with expression or speaking, which is called “expressive language” and is characterized by having problems at the following levels:

– Naming things.

– How to ask questions and use appropriate questioning tools.

– Vocabulary is mostly focused on nouns, and vocabulary is weak at the level of verbs and adjectives.

– Use gestures.

– Grouping words into sentences according to the child’s dialect, in the light of grammatical and morphological rules of spoken language.

– Learn songs and chants.

– Using correct pronouns and adverbs of time and place.

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• “Practical language”: It is also possible that some children suffer from problems with language use skills called “pragmatic language”.

Learn how to start and maintain a conversation.

Knows how to take turns when talking to others.

– Changing the way you talk to different people and in different places. For example: speaking differently to an adult than to a small child and speaking louder outside than indoors.

• Reading and writing: While many children suffer from problems with comprehension and speaking, this is consistent with problems at the level of basic reading and writing skills.

Look at the pictures in the book and turn the pages.

– Telling a story with a beginning, middle and end.

– Naming letters and numbers.

– Learn letters and numbers.

Must be bilingual

Is bilingualism possible? Dr. Wael Al-Dakrouri explained that there are many myths about developmental language disorders.

A common myth in many societies is that “learning a second language can cause language problems.” This myth has been debunked and scientifically proven to be false. Children around the world learn to speak languages ​​other than their own, and a child with a developmental language disorder can have problems with both languages, so linguistically there is no harm in learning more than one language. .

Some may worry that “learning more than one language is bad for the child,” but this could not be further from the truth. In fact, knowing more than one language has many advantages; Many linguists believe that knowing a second language is beneficial to a child’s cognitive and perceptual development. Studies have shown that in bilingual children, the two languages ​​conflict, each requiring the ability to put one language down, as in trying to convince the child to choose it when responding to a linguistic stimulus. Other language preferred. It enables selective attention and cognitive flexibility; A recent study found that these skills are better in children who speak two languages, which is evident at the beginning of academic courses. Children who speak two languages ​​show progress in the cognitive domain, which is represented by a higher development of self-regulation skills that directly affects their academic future and the development of their social skills. Less contact with points, work, and various distractions, which can have a positive impact on academic development. When it comes to social interactions, he has more control over his behaviors and interactions.

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Using more than one language with a child does not cause delays, while children who speak more than one language have a slightly slower onset of speech than children exposed to one language, but they are within normal limits. Studies suggest that children with delays in language and speech development can also benefit from learning more than one language system.

Treatment of preschool disabilities

On the treatment of language disorders in preschool children, Dr. Wael Al-Dagrouri affirms that the role of a certified speech-language pathologist is important and critical in developing children’s language skills, comprehension, and expressiveness. and use. An intervention program provided by a speech-language pathologist plays an important role in preparing a child to read and write.

Good language skills help a child learn, socialize, form friendships, and feel confident and self-confident, notes Dr. Vale.

It is important to note that the speech-language pathologist should work with the family and involve them in the treatment plan, which should include activities and possible goals such as:

Increase the child’s understanding.

– Improving how the child uses language to express and communicate effectively.

– Train teachers and families on how to communicate with the child and learn more about what can be done at home to help the child.

– Help the child use other methods of communication when necessary.

– Teaching early reading and writing skills.

Community Medical Consultant

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Finding the genetic causes of a rare cancer affecting the kidney



Finding the genetic causes of a rare cancer affecting the kidney

An international team led by researchers at the British Wellcome Sanger Institute has revealed a new drug target that could act as an alternative treatment for kidney cancer if doctors don’t recommend surgery. According to the results of a study published in the journal Nature Communications (Monday), this rare cancerous form of kidney tumor is called Renin tumor, and its complete genetic code has been understood for the first time.

Reninoma is one of the rarest cancers in humans, with only about 100 cases reported worldwide. Although it can usually be treated with surgery, it can cause severe high blood pressure and develop into malignant tumors that can spread.

There are still no medical treatments for kidney tumors, as treatment management only involves surgery. Before the results of the latest study came out, it was not known what genetic error caused these types of tumors.

Reninoma is one of the rarest cancerous tumors in humans (Public Domain).

According to the study’s co-principal investigator, Dr. Sam Bagadi, Wellcome Senior Research Fellow at the Wellcome Sanger Institute: “The significance of our results is that we have succeeded in discovering the essence of this type of tumor. Based on the fact that it is so rare, there have been no previous studies on it.

He added to Asharq Al-Awsat: “Not only have we been able to understand the genetic code of a kidney tumor, but we have also shown that drugs can counteract what triggers it, and this may be important for patients whose tumors cannot be removed. through surgery.”

Researchers have identified a specific error in the genetic code of a known cancer gene called NOTCH1, which is behind the development of this rare cancer.

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“This is the first time we have identified the causes of kidney tumors, and we believe our work will continue to pave the way for new treatments,” said lead study author Taryn Trescher at the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

The team has already studied two cancer samples, one from a young adult and the other from a child, using advanced genetic techniques. Their findings suggest that existing drugs that actually target this gene could be used as a potential solution for treating kidney tumors in patients for whom surgery is not a viable option.

Dr Tansina Chowdhury, lead researcher on the study at Great Ormond Street Hospital in the UK, explained: “Rare forms of kidney cancer known as renal tumors do not respond to traditional anti-cancer treatments. “Currently the only known treatment is surgery.” She added: “There is a specific, well-known gene that drives this rare cancer. Our study shows that the studied gene has “If we use drugs that are already known to affect this gene, we can deal with it without the need for invasive medical technology like surgery.”

Here Bahjati said: “Rare cancers are a huge challenge for research and analysis. Patients with other types of tumors may not benefit from them. “But here is a powerful example of cutting-edge science that is changing our understanding of an extremely rare type of tumor: a discovery that could have immediate clinical benefits for patients.” He added: “We will continue to study these extremely rare tumors to understand their genetic code, which we hope will reveal more new therapeutic approaches.”

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Climate change: Saudi Arabia warns against rush to abandon traditional fuels – Financial Times



Climate change: Saudi Arabia warns against rush to abandon traditional fuels – Financial Times

image source, Good pictures

We begin our tour of British newspapers with Amy Williams in New York and Miles McCormick in Calgary at the Financial Times on what they describe as deep tensions and divisions over the oil and gas industry’s role in combating climate change. Recent events in New York, US and Calgary, Canada this week cast doubt on the likelihood of an agreement at the upcoming United Nations COP28 conference.

According to the article, when world leaders and senior officials meet in New York in ten weeks ahead of the United Nations’ COP28 climate summit, there is a deep divide between those who support and those who urge the expansion of fossil fuel use. Stopping all forms of growth and expansion is critical to achieving stability in the world.

In December, the UN The authors quoted Dan Jorgensen, Denmark’s minister for development cooperation and global climate policy, who is leading discussions on new climate targets that could be agreed at the climate change conference COP28, as saying: “Countries agree that we must move. Move forward on this issue.” “But the bad news is that we’re far from reaching an agreement. We need to address the larger problem of burning fossil fuels.”

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What are the most common symptoms of breast cancer in men?



What are the most common symptoms of breast cancer in men?

Breast cancer is a disease that affects women, especially with a high number of infections, but in fact it affects men as well, and many believe that it leads to death among them.

she explained NHS The NHS in England says that 85 men die each year in Britain from breast cancer, and that the malignancy affects around 400 men annually.

The charity Breast Cancer Now also reports that “at least one person is diagnosed with the disease every day”.

According to the website “Mayo ClinicMedically, male breast cancer is “a rare cancer that begins with the growth of cells in the breast tissue of men.”

Breast cancer cells disrupt the immune system

Australian researchers announced Monday that breast cancer cells have powerfully destroyed the body’s immune system, allowing the disease to invade patients’ bones.

“Breast cancer in men usually affects older people, but it can occur at any age,” he pointed out.

Those diagnosed with “male breast cancer” at an early stage have a good chance of recovery.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of this disease are as follows:

A painless lump or thickening of breast tissue and changes in the skin of the breast, such as sagging, wrinkling, redness or peeling.
Changes in the nipples, such as redness or peeling, or one of the nipples turning inward.

The causes of these malignant tumors are still unclear, but doctors define “male breast cancer” as occurring when “some breast cells divide faster than healthy cells.”

Accumulated cells form a tumor, which can spread (metastasize) to nearby tissues, lymph nodes, or other parts of the body.

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According to the website “Web MedicineThe disease can be diagnosed through a clinical examination, which is done by feeling the chest area of ​​the person in search of any tumors or changes in the chest tissue, and the doctor evaluates the size, structure and depth of the tumors present.

It can be diagnosed with radiographic imaging such as X-rays or ultrasound to create clear images of the breast tissue.

Only a biopsy is used to “confirm” a diagnosis of breast cancer in men. This is done by taking a sample of the tumor tissue and examining it to confirm whether the tumor is cancerous or benign.

Treatment usually involves surgery to remove as much of the visible tumor as possible, along with some of the surrounding healthy tissue.

Other treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy may be recommended depending on the condition.

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