February 5, 2023

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Algerian coach Djamel Belmadi has backed his wishes in the squad to face Cameroon twice this month in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, stressing that the changes he has made are aimed at qualifying Qatar for the final.

Yesterday, Saturday, Belmadi announced a squad that saw many surprises, especially the absence of striker Baghdad Bounetza and winger Syed Ben Rahma and Adam Onas.

Baunetza, the highest scorer of Qatari league champion al-Sadr, has long been a key choice in the Algerian national team, but his status has plummeted in recent times.

Benrahma played 37 games for West Ham United in all competitions, scoring eight goals and providing six assists.

After missing the African Nations Cup in Cameroon, the Belmadi quartet reunited with Isaac Belfort, Adlan Kidora, Rashid Ghazal and Hisham Boudou.

The two new faces also invited Yusuf Lovefi, Sahel Defender in Tunis Eto’o and Qatar striker Mohamed Ben Yato for Al Wakrah.

“Every time you talk about the list, we’ll play the game and talk about it. We repeat the same words at every camp. We keep the team structure on all the teams there.

“Mahrez is there, there’s a ball, we do not have to change every time. Maybe we do not like stability, this thing is very tired. Isaac Belford can give a lot at home and against Cameron. He was. He was also praised by an assistant who worked in Lyon.

Belmadi pursued his technical preferences. In them. “

“It’s the coach’s choice to call Adam Zarqan. Have you played football or been certified in training? Zarqan or another player, you have to be logical.”

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Belmadi supported Ben Yato and Gudiora’s selection, saying, “Ben Yato deserves to be on the national team because of his hard work.

Commenting on Gadora’s return after a long absence, Belmadi said, “As far as Atlan is concerned, he can provide certain things to implement certain details and instructions, but he can do so, but that does not mean he will play against Cameron.”

Algeria will host Cameroon on March 25, followed by a second meeting four days later. The winning team qualifies for the World Cup final in Qatar.

Belmadi’s team travels to camp in Equatorial Guinea before heading to Toula to face Cameroon.