June 4, 2023

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Observing a unique astronomical event ... a celestial collision forming a "massive cloud"

Observing a unique astronomical event … a celestial collision forming a “massive cloud”

The panel of scholars reported Astronomy In a study published in the Journal of Astrophysics earlier this month, the University of Arizona claimed that the image was taken when a cloud of debris passed in front of its star, blocking light for a short time.

Utilizing their knowledge of quantity StarScientists were able to detect the size of the cloud shortly after impact, and were able to estimate the size of the colliding objects and the speed at which the cloud scattered.

Scientists believe that these types of collisions form around young stars Planets According to the American “Fox News” network, Rocky.

“All previously reported events using the Spitzer Space Telescope did not provide a complete description of the event, but only theoretical hypotheses about the form of the actual event and the garbage cloud,” study co-author George Ricky explained in a statement.

Step “NASAThe Spitzer Observatory was used to monitor 100 similar events, including the 10 million year old star HD 166191.

In 2015, the dust remaining from the star’s formation formed smaller planets, the previously vacuum-filled gas scattering, causing repeated catastrophic collisions between them producing large amounts of dust.

In 2018, the observatory also discovered a bright star system with a cloud that obscures light in a rectangular shape, which originated from a collision of objects called “NASA”. Dwarf planets.

Scientists believe so Astronomical events Knowing the mechanisms of creation can be very important Our solar system And planets with rock formations.