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Microsoft brings video feeds into presentations

Microsoft’s new feature for PowerPoint and Teams will soon give users the opportunity to insert video feed into their presentations, and here’s how it works.

First, this cameo feature provided by Microsoft allows users to specify where their faces appear from Teams video on live PowerPoint slides. It will provide recommendations on where to place the feed, or if it is necessary to record the presentation.

Cameo and several hybrid features for Microsoft teams and office applications were announced at Ignite in September. Today, the much-anticipated cameo feature is now available in the Office Insider program, but will be available to the public in the second quarter of 2022, according to Techbook.

Another area that Microsoft is introducing in Cameo for groups and PowerPoint features is the recording studio. With this feature, users can now tell a story using videos. It aims to facilitate meetings and asynchronous collaboration, which is very common in mixed business arrangements. Implemented in many companies.

The recording studio is already available on PowerPoint, and plans to integrate the hijab and recording studio soon, and whether these presentations are shared live or pre-recorded, will help create a “live” meeting experience.

Users can “create their own presentation, determine how and where your slides will appear on the cameo, enhance your slides with the designer, and record the speech on any slide (s) using the recording studio. Also deliver your message at the right time, PowerPoint Live allows others to view your post as part of the presentation.

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According to Microsoft, which uses Cameo with the recording studio to create a presentation, the presenter will look more like a “live” presentation and will be part of the meeting. Integrated experience will be available from the second quarter of 2022.

Microsoft says a “speaker coach” will be publicly available to teams in the coming months. The speaker coach feature uses artificial intelligence to guide presenters through a presentation to enhance their message delivery and to provide feedback on repetitive language, use of complements, and speech. Tempo, the use of inclusive speech and non-verbal speech.

Over the past few months, Apple, Google and Microsoft have been working on their plans to return to the office. Each company has a program that guides users to a hybrid work program that teaches contagion. You can often choose to work from home all day of the week rather than working from the office.