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Haya Abdel Salam compares actresses to aliens … best role horror movies for them!


Kuwaiti actress Haya Abdel Salam was a guest on “Behind the Stars” and spoke on a number of topics, including plastic surgery and her passion for changing the features of stars.

Haya Abdel Salam expressed his opinion about the actresses turning the exaggerated cosmetic surgeries into perfect copies of each other, which made him angry and resentful.

Regarding plastic surgery and her belief in her appearance and beauty, she said: Sometimes I’m so proud of myself, thank God I have a belief that this is the age of cosmetics and cosmetics. And exaggerated things are not me, not the principle that I walk like other artists and women. “

Haya explained that the beauties behind the scenes are more beautiful than the ones in front, and he added: “At first the beauties behind the scenes were two levels higher and sweeter than the ones shown, one, two, three, the houses being so beautiful and wide.”

Haya Abdel Salam and his struggle to find an artist for an old work

Haya confirmed that it would not be logical to include an artist with the facial expressions of the 2022 edition, and that he would struggle to find an artist who would fit an old character in his works.

Posting a critique of exaggerated plastic surgery artists on his Twitter account, especially a tweet mocking those who exposed the palate, he made it clear that plastic surgery avoids any aesthetics. Practical since she is an actress.

Haya wondered how women could see what they were doing with their beautiful features and teasingly said: “The features are in the middle, the face is big, where is the beauty in it? You’re in the mind. If your face is big. Why is your face small.”

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Haya Abdul Salam, looks like the face of women to aliens

Haya now compares women’s faces to aliens, pointing out that they are more suited to science fiction and horror, adding: “I am a base (I make fun of) and this is not God’s creation.

Haya Abdul Salam Sarah transforms Jessica Parker into an example of natural beauty

Haya Abdel Salam used Hollywood actress Sarah Jessica Barcel as an example, saying that everyone has her own beauty: “Sarah Jessica Barcel is one of the most beautiful Hollywood beauties, her nose is like a witch’s nose.

Comment by the pioneers of social networking sites on the statements of Haya Abdel Salam

The pioneers of social networking sites praised Haya Abdel Salam’s words of respect and expressed their respect for him.

Another added: “The level of reconciliation with him is amazing! It would have been a very long meeting. May he give you health.”

Another wrote: “From the beauty of the meeting, I never wanted to be saved! Is this what we have been away from for so long? What a difference, what a class, what a difference, spontaneous and true !!

Haya Abdel Salam, the heroine of the series “Family of Abdel Hamid Hafiz”.

It is noteworthy that Haya Abdel Salam runs the Ramadan race through the series “The Family of Abdel Hamid Hafez”, where he plays one of the daughters of Abdel Hamid Hafeez, “Suad”, and he mentioned earlier that this is one. New character for him and it will surprise the audience.

Events in the series “Family of Abdel Hamid Hafiz”

The events of the series revolve around the story of the sisters, including Iman. The work deals with a small part of that period and the impact the Egyptian artist had on the hearts of his fans, especially during Iman’s father’s youth.

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Events move to the nineties, Iman’s father marries her mother, and they form a family, which enjoys interesting events at work.

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