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Heavy rain, high fog… Here’s the weather forecast for the start of the week


The Meteorological Department at the Directorate of Civil Aviation has said that tomorrow the weather is expected to be generally cloudy, with a significant drop in temperature, heavy below their seasonal rates, lightning, thunder and gusty winds that will intensify at times. 60 km per hour Snow falls from an altitude of 2000 meters, and the amount of precipitation decreases at night with low temperatures, reaching 1800 meters.

The following press release stated:

– General situation: In Lebanon and the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea, starting Monday afternoon, a depression will gradually affect Cyprus, leading to turbulent and rainy weather until Wednesday evening, when the weather will gradually decrease and stabilize. And it is expected to return to turbulent conditions from Friday evening onwards.

The average temperature in March is 13 to Up to 21.7 degrees.

– Expected weather in Lebanon:

Monday: Partly cloudy with medium to high clouds due to decrease in temperature. In the afternoon, clouds will condense, humidity will increase, fog will form at altitude and rain will occur here and there, especially in southern and northern areas, the wind will be active.

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with temperatures dropping significantly below their seasonal rates. Dense fog develops aloft, and scattered showers, sometimes intense, with lightning, thunder and gusty winds, sometimes near 60. Snow falls from a height of 2000 meters at km / h, and the amount of precipitation decreases at night with low temperatures, reaching 1800 meters.

Wednesday: Snowfall above 1700 meters and weather in the afternoon with further drop in temperature and cloudy with occasional heavy rain. It will become partly cloudy with broad advances, so the rain will gradually decrease during the night.

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Thursday: Partly cloudy, medium to high clouds with rising temperatures.

Temperatures range from 14 to 18 degrees on the coast, 6 to 14 degrees above the mountains, and 7 to 16 degrees in the interior.

Surface Wind: South-South-South-South-East direction with speed between 20 to 50 km/h.

– Wiping: Moderate to poor at night at high altitude due to fog.

Humidity at the beach: 60 to 80%.

– Sea condition: rough, water surface temperature: 18 degrees.

Atmospheric pressure: 758 mm Hg.

– Sunrise: 5.53

Sunset time: 17:43

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