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Hemati: Sudan is subject to unprecedented conspiracies of its own production


Khartoum: Imad Hassan:

Lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Tagalo (Hemati), vice president of the Interim Sovereign Council in Sudan, has confirmed that Sudan is being subjected to unprecedented conspiracies by its sons. Instead of prioritizing the highest national interests and narrow discriminatory political interests, a US State Department official said his country was working behind the scenes to create favorable conditions for the participation of democratic forces in Sudan. The “Tripartite Mechanism” reports that the new US ambassador to Africa, Mike Hammer, had just arrived in Khartoum.

Speaking at the West Darfur State Government Secretariat in El Jenina yesterday, Hemti said the signing ceremony of the document to end the enmity for peaceful coexistence between the Masalid and Raisigat tribes was in the presence of sovereign members. Council, Tahir Abu Bakr Hajar and Hadi Idris, Governor of the State, Khamis Abdullah Abkar, Sultan of All Masalid Tribes and the Executive Office of the Indigenous Administration in Sudan and several other tribal leaders, said, ”Explains that some foreign hands are working to demolish the temple on everyone’s head.


Tagalo added that the document was a starting point for the long and hard work to close the page on the differences between the signatories, leaving the conflict a bitter and painful human reality and causing displacement. A large number of the people of the state were incited to live in government institutions in a manner that was an affront to human dignity.

On the other hand, the media reported US-Saudi efforts to resolve the political crisis in Sudan. To the crisis.

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Immediate visit of US Ambassador

Ahead of US President Joe Biden’s visit to the Middle East, Mike Hammer, the new US Ambassador to the Hon. Month covering Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Congratulations to Washington

Brian Hunt Al-Hurra, director of the U.S. State Department’s Sudan and South Sudan office, told the Channel: “Washington wants to join the dialogue on freedom and change and the associated democratic forces; because she has work behind the scenes to create the right conditions for her participation.

Hunt announced Washington’s support for the “opposition groups,” which he said played a key role in bringing about democratic change, and expressed hope that their representatives would contribute to the debate facilitated by the tripartite mechanism for achieving civil change.

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