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“Heritage Opening” of the “West Asian Paralympic Games”


  • Khalid bin Hamad: Running the curriculum is an extension of Bahrain’s success
  • Muhammad bin Taj: The “third edition” is the message of love and honest rivalry
  • Bani Rashid: Implementing a technical and sporting role is a strategy for the West Asian Federation
  • Tariq bin Qadim: We look forward to embracing the 2024 edition of the United Arab Emirates

Manama: Mudassim Abdullah

On Sunday, the traditional “Arat Fort” in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, hosted the official opening ceremony of the third edition of the West Asian Paralympic Games, “Bahrain 2022” in the presence of First Vice President Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa. The Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, the Chairman of the General Sports Commission and the Chairman of the Bahrain Olympic Committee, the heads of the various authorities in the country and the participating delegates.

At the opening ceremony of the United Arab Emirates Paralympics, Dr. Tariq Sultan bin Qadim, Vice President of the International Federation of Wheelchairs and Persons with Disabilities, Zuma Al Nuaimi, Vice President of the United Arab Emirates Paralympic Committee, became a Board Member and Mission Director of the National Paralympic Committee. , In addition to the UAE delegation, is the largest of the teams participating in the tournament.

Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa announced the start of the tournament, in which 11 countries will compete: (Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon), with participation. In the presence of 700 male and female athletes, and 70 male and female athletes. Arbitration and technical classification teams from 26 different countries.

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In the context of introducing the historical heritage of the Kingdom of Bahrain and explaining its ancient civilization in various fields, the traditional character dominated the opening ceremony held at the Fort of Arat without seeing the various sea routes in the Governorate of Muharraq. Seeing the raising of the Paralympic Games history art show and competition flag for the Kingdom of Bahrain and the West Asian Federation, a parade line was opened for the teams participating in the festivities.

Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa said: “We are proud of Bahrain’s hosting of this tournament, which sees the widespread participation of athletes in supporting the efforts to improve Bahrain’s goal of hosting various sports tournaments and forums to support the Kingdom’s position on the sports map. And International.

He added, “Holding this session is a real extension of Bahrain’s success in hosting the 2021 Asian Youth Paralympic Games, which confirms Bahrain’s readiness at the logistics and organizational levels.”

Sheikh Mohammed bin Taiz Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Bahrain Paralympic Committee and Chairman of the Supreme Organizing Committee, welcomed the participants and said, “We welcome the guests of Bahrain and wish you well in your competition. A message of love and brotherhood by raising the level of friction in the sport of respectable sport and the Paralympics. “

On the other hand, Dr. Abdul Razak Bani Rashid, President of the Paralympic Association of West Asia, expressed his gratitude and appreciation for hosting the third edition of the Bahrain Session, the largest and largest sporting event in the West. Since its inception, the Asian region has, in its strategy, been interested in sponsoring and promoting the Paralympic Games for the People’s Sports and implementing the role of sports and rehabilitation technology by organizing occasional sports competitions in various sports and sports.

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Tariq Sultan bin Qadim, Vice President of the International Federation of Wheelchairs and the Handicapped and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates Paralympic Committee, congratulated Bahrain on hosting the third edition of the West Asian Paralympic Games. For the second time, it is a game of “determination” to highlight the interest of the United Arab Emirates Paralympic Committee, to support its continued participation in regional and international competitions, and to raise the nation’s flag, with the aim of reaping greater achievements for the people.

Basketball for chairs appeared in the face of Kuwait

The UAE wheelchair basketball team lost in the second round to its rival Kuwait in a clash between the two teams at the Khalifa Stadium in Isa Sports City.

The match saw Kuwait Blue win 13-12 in the first round and widen the gap to 33-33 in the second round and 51-37 in the third round. 62-49, which was our team’s first defeat after a 54-45 victory in the first round against the Bahrain “host”.

Our team’s journey continues against Saudi Arabia in the third round, finishing next Friday with its equalizer Oman in the fourth and final round.

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