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05:33 AM | 2021 Saturday 16 October

Sir Alex Ferguson: Cristiano Ronaldo deserves the Ballon d'Or

Cristiano Ronaldo and Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United’s history coach, has confirmed in the summer transfer market that Cristiano Ronaldo is confident he will return to the Red Devils lineup to qualify for the Ballon d’Or this year.

Ferguson, in a statement published in the Spanish newspaper “Marca”, spoke about the possibility of success. Ronaldo Ballon d’Or: “Cristiano deserves it. He set a record this year.”

The Portuguese star has been nominated 30 times for the 2016 European Nations Championship with Portugal, and with his country won the European League title.

Cristiano Ronaldo is looking for a balloon in the sixth round to balance Messi

The Portuguese star won the 58th hat-trick of his career, and this year he broke other records with the quest to get the balloon role for the sixth time in his career to equal the number of his traditional rival Lionel Messi. , Paris Saint-Germain player, has won this award 6 times in his history.

Golden Ball (balloon stock)

The scene was similar to what happened in 2013 when the then Real Madrid striker scored a hat-trick against Sweden, which helped Messi and Frank Ribery beat Balon d’Or.

Ronaldo is the Premier League Player of the Month

After playing with him last September, Ronaldo won the Player of the Month award in the English Premier League Manchester United, Surpassed Egyptian star Mohamed Salah for his outstanding performance with Liverpool FC.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a double against United at Newcastle, then a goal at West Ham, a goal against the Swiss Young Boys, and three valuable points for the Real Devils against Villarreal before the Champions League.

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