April 2, 2023

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تلسكوب هابل يرصد بخار ماء ثابتًا على نصف القمر الجليدى للمشترى أوروبا

Hubble telescope detects water vapor in Jupiter’s moon half of Europa’s ice

The Hubble Space Telescope revealed the constant presence of steam on Jupiter’s “Europe” ice moon, but the strange thing is that it is in the same hemisphere, and steam is found A part of the moon According to the European Space Agency, its orbit is always opposite to the direction of its motion.

According to the British newspaper, The Daily Mail, at this time, researchers still do not understand why steam is only in the hemisphere and not in the main hemisphere.

The study used archive Hubble images and a technique to determine the presence of water vapor in the spectra and atmosphere, and the presence of water vapor on Jupiter’s fourth largest moon Europa has been demonstrated since 2013. Hubble telescope Blooms erupted more than 60 miles across its ice.

It refers to New invention The presence of water spirits in a much larger area of ​​the moon than initially thought, the data spread between 1999 and 2015.

The only researcher in the study, Lawrence Roth of the Royal Institute of Technology, Space and Plasma Physics, said that later observations of steam in Europe improve our understanding of the ice moon’s atmosphere.

In a separate study, the ice crust may contain water pockets that could actually support life.

Scientists have suggested that robots may have to dig a foot of ice to find signs of survival at sea.

Hubble is a joint venture between NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).