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Hours before the parliament convened, a leader of the Chhattisgarh movement was assassinated


Hours before the parliament convened, a leader of the Chhattisgarh movement was assassinated

Sunday – 6 Jumata II 1443 AH – 09 January 2022 AD

Iraqis raise their country’s flag during the 2019 protests (Reuters)

Baghdad: “Middle East Online”

According to press reports, Muslim Idan, the leader of the Chhattisgarh movement, was assassinated by unidentified assailants yesterday (Saturday) evening.
Al-Arabiya Channel reported that security forces had found Idan’s body in the Chechnya area in the center of Mason province, with traces of gunfire.
He added that police had transferred the body to the forensic unit and were investigating the accident.
The assassination of al-Aidan, just hours before the first session of the Iraqi parliament today (Sunday), led the Chhattisgarh movement with 73 seats in the country following the October 10 (October) parliamentary elections.
Iraqi Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr said yesterday that there was no room for sectarianism, racism, militancy or corruption in the country’s next national majority government. Al-Sadr tweeted on his personal account today on the social networking site Twitter: “There is no place for sectarianism, no place for racism, no place for corruption, no place for militants, and everyone will defend the rights of minorities, Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds in a national majority government.”
“All Iraqi factions will support the reform and support the military, police and security forces, and the rule of law will prevail with the impartial Iraqi judiciary. “
According to the Iraqi parliament, MP Mahmoud al-Mashhadani will preside over tomorrow’s opening session of parliament because he is the oldest member.


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