March 27, 2023

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How much is the property of Saudi artist Mohammed Abdo?

How much is the property of Saudi artist Mohammed Abdo?

Saudi artist Muhammad Abdo expressed his wealth by pointing out that the wealth he owns is his 11 sons and daughters.

In an interview with “Stages with Ali Al-Olayani”, Mohammed Abdo explained: “My wealth is over 11 billion. And Sultan … they are over billions. These are my wealth.”

Abdo added: “The wealth of the market lies in real estate and its financial value cannot be determined,” he stressed, holding several properties in Mecca, Medina, Jeddah, Europe and the Philippines.

Commenting on his work in real estate, the Saudi artist pointed out, “His mother did not believe in working as a source of income in his art, and suggested that he pursue a career other than art, which is what he entered into. In the real estate world.”

The artist, Muhammad Abdo, at the beginning of his artistic career revealed the secret of singing in a borrowed voice, not in his real voice, pointing out that he sought this subject only on the advice of sound practitioners. And open the voice layers and save it for the future.

Apto continued, “I say my voice did not mature until the eighties,” he now invests more in his voice than his own, while explaining that his melodies precede his acting.

The Saudi artist explained that the issue of the maturity of his voice in the eighties also reflects the opinion of critics, who advised voice practitioners not to sing in his real voice and not to sing in a real voice. Singing in a borrowed voice and not singing with extreme accents is because a person’s actual puberty during that period after the age of twenty-one or twenty-five.

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He continued, “Many advised me not to sing in the upper class and keep them for the future … So, you see me singing in gossips in the sixties and seventies, not in an open voice, today is the right of Muhammad Abdo. . “