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How to add friends to Discord on different devices and operating systems


Evolution Discord platform From being a platform to meet game lovers on the internet, to becoming a means of social interaction between gamers, this highly preferred platform by game lovers around the world has improved the means of communication between users. To benefit from these means of communication, you must first add with whom you can communicate, for this we will learn today how to add friends on Discord, it does not matter if you are free. User of the Site or Subscriber of the Service Discord Nitro.

What is a Discord Tag?

Before you learn how to add friends on Discord, you first need to know what a Discord tag is. When you create an account on the Discord platform, you can choose a username that you can change at any time in the future, and since there are no limits on changing the name, you can have hundreds of subscribers who have chosen the same name. .

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For this, a so-called Discord Tag is a four-digit code that follows your username to identify you among all other users of the platform, and once this code is generated, it is identified to your account. You can change this code if you are a paid service subscriber. Discord nitro.

Therefore, the Discord tag code is inseparable from the username. For example, if you want to search for a person with the username jumbo as in the picture, you will not get any results, so you have to add the numeric code to the search. name, for example jumbo#1411, then you can find and add the person.

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What is a Discord Tag?

How to add friends on Discord

on the computer

Open or install the Discord website in your preferred web browser PC application If you haven’t installed it before, click the Discord logo in the top left of the app or site, which is also the Home button.

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How to add friends on Discord

From the list that appears, click Friends at the top of the Direct Messages sidebar, then click the green Add Friend button.

How to add friends on Discord

Enter the username followed by the numeric code in the field provided for that and then click send friend request, then we repeat that you need to enter the full username, # sign and then the numeric tag code.

How to add friends on Discord

On smart phones

open Discord App Version on Android Mobile Or The iOS version of the Discord app Depending on your phone, clicking the icon in the bottom bar of the app should take you to the Friends page, where you can control everything related to friends, from adding or accepting a add request.

Adding friends to conflict

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Click the Add Friend button on the top right, and on the Add Friend page, enter the username, followed by the # code, and the number tag of the user you want to add, then click Send Friend Request to send the friend request. .

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Recruiting friends at odds

If you don’t have a username or tag code, there are other ways to add friends to Discord, but you can’t specify a specific friend. The first method allows you to find people physically. Or geographically close, and you can do this through the smartphone app by entering Friends Friends, then click Add Friend, then click Nearby Scan to find users who are geographically close to you.

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Find you friends: You can also add friends registered in your phone’s contact list by clicking Sync your contacts and start chatting option, and this option can be found in the friends tab in the smart phone app.

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