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Walid Othman

It took a month for the two warring sides in Sudan to reach a point of reconciliation, which is believed to allow for the delivery of relief supplies and humanitarian aid under the Jeddah agreement, paving the way for an end to the crisis. Spare the fraternal Sudanese people from further suffering.

This month, the infernal war machine in Sudan was faster than any sound of wisdom, and it will take a long time to recoup from its men and rewards.

Comparing the slowness of the agreement and the rush to destroy the present and future of the Sudanese does not mean to underestimate the value of opening a gap on the conflict front, which allows a return to reason, although observers believe that this matter requires a great deal of effort. A long time to reach an agreement. It was welcomed by those interested in Sudan to facilitate relief work and meet urgent needs, based on the commitment of both parties to protect civilians in Sudan under international humanitarian law and human rights law. Public.

This promising goal, namely the relief of civilians, is the focus of a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, which praised the efforts of Saudi Arabia’s brotherly kingdom and allies to sign it. Agreement.

The statement clings to the hope that the move will contribute to the achievement of a permanent ceasefire, providing relief and humanitarian aid to affected areas, particularly to the most needy groups of the sick, children, the elderly and women. Aspirations for security, stability and prosperity of the fraternal Sudanese people.

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At this point, the value of the agreement, in principle, despite its lack and ineffectiveness in the ongoing conflicts, becomes clear again, which means that the continued pressure of the parties involved in providing relief to the victims will face obstacles that require constant pressure. The two warring parties facilitate them and open their paths.

According to Saudi sources, a second round of talks is expected to take place on Sunday in Jeddah on how to implement plans to provide humanitarian aid and withdrawal of forces from civilian areas based on the agreement and guarantees and commitment to open safe routes. Withdrawal of troops from civilian areas.

More important than the theoretical framework that hides the problems of engaging in this war, the second round ends with a rush to serious real measures to limit its painful toll that cannot be reduced to the displacement of more than 700,000 people. Since fighting broke out on April 15 inside Sudan. It has led to more than 750 deaths and 5,000 injuries, according to the United Nations Migration Agency.

Thousands of refugees cannot be indiscriminately turned away on perilous journeys from every direction to neighboring countries, but nothing compares to the immediate danger of those held hostage to conflict because of disability. Let, those who wait, if death does not perceive them, medicine and food reach them the hand of relief.

In terms of security and confidence in the future, no one can guarantee non-Sudanese Sudanese.

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