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How to build your belly as a solution to many health and skin problems?

How to build your belly as a solution to many health and skin problems?

10:00 p.m.

Wednesday 02 March 2022

I wrote – Amira Helmi
Did you know that the most neglected part of the body works wonders with the help of oil? Yes, that’s right, surprisingly, your navel is not just a small dot, it has the solution to many health and skin problems.
The belly button is connected to many nerves in the body, which is an important part of the body, and if this small spot is properly hydrated with oils, it helps to remove toxins and impurities.
According to “HTV”, look for some health and skin problems that you can cure by gently massaging your belly button with oil.

Treatment of abdominal pain

If you have stomach upset, bloating or nausea, apply a mixture of mustard oil and ginger on your stomach.
It also helps with the digestive problems you may be experiencing.

Improve skin clarity and radiance

Regularly massaging the abdomen with neem or coconut oil can cleanse the blood and remove dirt and blemishes from the body. This will result in a glowing face and better skin texture.

Reduce menstrual pain

If you’ve heard that massaging your belly can reduce menstrual cramps, you’re right.
Prolonged use of nutmeg oil in the navel can relieve pain. It relaxes the nerves and muscles around the lining of the uterus and relieves pain.

Fertility development

The navel is the connection between mother and baby. Massage with geranium or sandalwood oil can improve women’s fertility and help with menstrual problems.

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