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Radwa L-Sherpini’s photos commemorate the first anniversary of her mother’s death: “Your division is a pain that has nothing to do with you.”


Egyptian broadcaster Radwa El-Sherbini celebrated the first anniversary of her mother’s death today, and posted photos of herself with her late mother on her Instagram account, and received messages commemorating her mother with words touching the anniversary of her death. Sympathy from her colleagues.

Radwa L-Sherbini remembers her mother’s death

Media, Radwa L-Sherbini, on the first anniversary of her mother’s departure sent a heartbreaking message to her late mother, and Radwa L-Sherbini revived the first anniversary by posting an influential message on her Instagram account. He expressed the absence of his mother, and after his departure he said that he loved his mother very much, and in his message expressed many prayers for his mother, and he received many messages of support and sympathy from his colleagues and artists.

Radwa L-Sherbini sends a heartwarming message to her late mother

Radwa L-Sherbini told her late mother in a heartbreaking message: I went back a year .. Mom a year away from you .. A whole year without you .. I found that I could love you, I am not who I am without you .. What you taught is true. I have many things to do while you are alive, but you have not taught me how to do all this without you, the pain of no medicine other than patience to separate you, no one can determine your place.. May God have mercy on you, forgive you, do your good deeds in balance of your good deeds, and may my love unite us with you in heaven .. I miss you.

The stars offer their condolences to Radwa L-Sherpini on her mother’s anniversary

Several stars commented on the photo with Radwa L-Sherpini’s mother, sent her condolences on the anniversary of her mother’s death, and spoke with her influential message, including the artist Asala who wrote to her: May God have mercy on her, protect you, protect your daughters and give patience to your heartSimilarly, the artist Hana al-Zahid, wrote to him: May God have mercy on her and give you patience. ”

Ratwa L-Sherbini’s mother has passed away Many members of Ratwa L-Sherpini were infected with the new corona virus last March, after it was announced in mid-February that her daughter had been infected with the virus, but they recovered. Since then, Radwa L-Sherbini has expressed her grief and her mother’s absence in more than one post and on one last occasion. He recalled messages touching his mother, which provoked public sympathy for him.

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Photos from Ratwa L-Sherpini’s Instagram account.

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