June 3, 2023

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Humanoid robots from Boston Dynamics

Humanoid robots from Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics is well known for its advances in the development of robotics in its various forms. The company currently works on Atlas Robot. Which comes in human form.

Atlas can jump long distances over obstacles, jump backwards and dance. His skills have been featured in more than one clip released by the company online, and those clips from Boston Dynamics are generally viral.

The American company demonstrated the capabilities of its robot in a new clip, where it was able to run on a path dedicated to Parkour. The clip received hundreds of thousands of views within hours of its release.

While these clips are all interesting, they are one of the company’s latest clips

Behind the scenes he explains how Atlas works, how it can do these tasks, and this clip is generally anti-company. They always only post clips of the final results.

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Atlas Robot from Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics is primarily a for-profit company. The robotics industry seeks to profit from its technology and expertise. But basically, this company is a laboratory full of engineers and customers. Those who are more interested in driving innovation than finance.

Perhaps its business and scientific goals are too difficult to reconcile. Especially since the company’s ownership changed more than once, becoming Google, Softbank, and later Hyundai.

The company has recently unveiled more than one product, Spot, a robot in the form of a dog that can be useful in many applications, as well as a small robot that relies on its hands to move stretches, boxes and more.

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As for the human atlas robot, this is not a commercial product, at least not yet. The company describes this as a research and development platform.

Not because human figures are not important. In contrast, it has the potential to add great value and benefit to most areas of everyday life, but its development and design are very difficult.

The skills of the humanoid robot, also known as the bipolar robot, are a great target for military and military officers, especially those with unique abilities such as jumping in the air with strength and speed, jumping backwards or simulating parkour.

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Robots generally rely on training and education through simulation. Also it is based on advanced software that simulates different conditions, but without actual physical movement.

On the other hand, some robots require physical training such as atlas, which can cost the company a lot in the training process. This requires more time and expense as the engineering team repairs it immediately when it falls or stumbles to complete the training.

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