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Corona’s new strain belongs to the alpha, beta and delta clans


What are the characteristics of the new Mu (capital Μ and lowercase U) strain of the growing corona virus “Govit-19”? And what is the latest data on the other new C1.2 (C.1.2) strain? Report these detailed answers

We start with Mu strain:

What is the scientific name of the Mo strain?

The scientific name of the Mo strain is P.1. 621 (p.1.621), as reported United Nations WHO Report.

Professor Ali Fatum, a vaccine expert and biology professor at the University of Michigan, said in a statement to al-Jazeera that Mo alpha is a new mutant from the B1 (B1) clan of beta and delta. Is close to it.

Where did the new strain spread?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said it is monitoring the situation Weekly epidemiological update, Released on Tuesday, is becoming increasingly common in Colombia and Ecuador.

Where was it first identified?

The World Health Organization first identified Colombia in January 2021, followed by “sporadic reports” of cases and explosions in South America and Europe.

Although the global prevalence of the strain in the listed Govt-19 cases is less than 0.1%, it has “continued to increase” in Colombia and Ecuador, which is now responsible for 39% and 13% of infections, respectively. .

Is there high resistance to strain vaccines?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that there are a number of mutations that are highly resistant to the strain vaccine, but stressed that more research is needed to confirm this.

Part of the concern about Moe comes from the specific mutations she carries, and one report states that one of the genetic mutations, the B681H mutation, was first discovered in the UK with an alpha strain and is linked to faster transmission. For a report in the Guardian.

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Other mutations, including E484K and K417N, help prevent strain immune defenses.

We now return to C. 1. 2:

What do we know about the C dynasty? 1. 2?

The C dynasty attracted the attention of 1.2 scientists because it changes twice as fast as other mutants we have seen before, but it has not yet spread dangerously.

The press said “Le Novel Analyst” The National Institute for Infectious Diseases in South Africa confirmed on Monday that a number of scientists have been monitoring the new mutation in the corona virus with abnormal rate changes, and that its spread has been steadily increasing in recent months.

Where was the C strain found? 1. 2?

Most Govt-19 infections in South Africa are currently caused by delta strain, which was first discovered in India, c. 1. 2 Scientists’ attention due to the speed of its mutations compared to other species. So far, C strain has been detected. 1.2 In all provinces of South Africa and elsewhere in the world, including China, Mauritius, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Are vaccines effective with C? 1. 2?

“At this point, we have no experimental information confirming how the mutation interacts with antibodies,” said National Infectious Diseases researcher Benny Moore. “We are very confident that the vaccines distributed in South Africa will protect us from important cases and deaths,” he added.

C dynasty? 1. 2 Does it cause anxiety?

According to the World Health Organization, c. 1.2 is not a ‘variation of anxiety’ or a ‘variation of interest’.

World Health Organization spokeswoman Dr. Margaret Harris said: During the United Nations press conference In Geneva on Tuesday, “its spread (C.1 strain) does not appear to be increasing.”

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And step WHO standards for classification Variables of anxiety, such as delta, show increased sensitivity or change in clinical illnesses and reduce the effectiveness of public health and social activities in controlling them.

Variations in interest have been shown to cause social diffusion in many groups and have been found in different countries, but they have not been shown to be very intense or contagious.

Fixed changes

All viruses, including the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2), change over time. If most mutations have little or no effect on the characteristics of the virus, some of these mutations may affect the characteristics of the virus, such as the ease of its spread or the severity of the disease it causes or its anti-vaccines, drugs, diagnostic tools, or others. Community and public health activities.

And since the appearance of mutations (strains) in late 2020 was a major threat to public health, the World Health Organization has developed a list of mutations that need to be monitored in order to prioritize monitoring. And global research activities.

The World Health Organization decided to name the strains to be monitored and the names of the Greek alphabet instead of the name of the country where they were first discovered, to facilitate the pronunciation of the names of the general public to prevent any stigma attached to this country.

At the moment, according to the World Health Organization, there are 4 worrying mutant copies, including alpha mutants that have spread to 193 countries to date and delta mutants that have spread to 170 countries to date. Other mutations to be monitored (including mutated “mo”).

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Proof : Island + French + Defender + Le Point + Websites

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