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The latest songs (video) released by the stars on the eve of 2022 Mother's Day in my country

The latest songs (video) released by the stars on the eve of 2022 Mother’s Day in my country

On Mother’s Day 2022, many Arab stars presented new songs, and Emirati star Hussein al-Jazz was one of the main stars who attracted public attention with his song “Umi Janna”.

In the last few hours, Al Jazeem has released a new song titled “My Mother Is Jannah”, written by Karrar al-Delfi, composed by Hussein Al Jazeem and arranged by Zaid Adel.

With over a million and over 500 views recorded, the song became a huge hit at record time, and star Hussein Al Jazeem has been promoting “Um Janna” through his accounts on social media for the past few hours.


Egyptian festival singer Omar Kamal released an operetta titled “Set Great” on the eve of Mother’s Day, in which he performed the famous song “Al” along with singer Shaimaa al-Maghrabi and baby Mohammed Osama. -Kajala Raiqa “, written and composed by Amr Kotb, distributed and mixed by Amr al-Godari.


For his part, the Kuwaiti artist, Rahaf al-Guidara, released the new song “Naba ‘al-Hanan” in the last few hours, written by bin al-Rifa, and composed and distributed by Mustafa Sabri.


Egyptian star Reham Abdel Hakim has announced a new song titled “My Mother, My Dinity” and has released a short clip of the song on his Facebook account.

Maya Diab is expected to release a song ahead of Mother’s Day 2022, which was written by Maunir Boussaf, composed and distributed by Hadi Sharara and the Lebanese star did not release the name of the song. So far.

Source: Hello. Magazine

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