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In the absence of his colleagues, Kuwaiti soil embraced his body.


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In the absence of colleagues in the art community and suffering from ill health, the Kuwaiti soil embraced the body of the late artist Amal Abbas, famous for his role as “Hakima” since yesterday afternoon, at the Sulaybi Ghat cemetery. In 2003 he illustrated the series “Al-Hayala” brought together by the late artist Abdul Hussein Abdul-Reda and Khaled Al-Nafisi.
The scene at the grave was sad, made sadder by the absence of Hakima’s fellow artists, with whom he participated in many artworks, be it theater or television, and the artist Muhammad Al-Hamli was the only one present, much to the surprise of the mourners. , and they were surprised that the Ministry of Information did not condole her, but it seems that those who have not had enough of a share in the limelight will lose their once-friends in their last farewell!
The late “Ummuhammad” Amal Abbas began his career in the early eighties and participated in many Kuwaiti plays and theatrical productions, from his entry into the arts until his illness, and among these works:
In 1980, a health awareness program titled “Your Safety”, and in 1982 he played the role of journalist Amal in the series “Sir, No Man”, and in 1984 he appeared in “Operetta Cinderella”. The following year she appeared in several works, including the role of Fawzia in the series “Wife with the Computer” and the drama “Nashmi”, and the television evening “Forgotten Moments: Sarah” and the comedy series “Abu Saleh”. Need a Solution”. In 1986, he played the lead role in the movie “Adnan” and also appeared in the play “Bye Bye Arabs”. In 1987, appeared in the play “Shams al-Shams”. “On the World Peace (Mabruka and Lucky)”. In 1988, Amal starred as Nurse Huda in the drama “The Wonderful School” directed by Abdul Amir Matar alongside Abdulaziz Al-Nimesh and Abdullah Guloom. The role of Umm Bahlul in the series “City of Winds”, “Naseeb” and the drama “The Pink Tiger”. , in 1989, participated in the championship as Umm Sheikha in the play “Operetta After Honey”. She appeared in the series “The Greedy”.
In the early nineties of the last century, the late Amal Abbas appeared in the drama “Al-Kashi Mashi”, the television evening “Al-Hadat”, the drama “Swan Lake” and the series. “Who’s Not First”, and in 1995 she appeared as Mother Salem in the drama “Vampire” and in the TV show “The Man and the Shadow”.
In 2016, the late actress appeared as Umm Saleh in the serial “Doctorate in Love” and she also played the role of Umm Laila in the serial “Harem Bau Sultan” and in 2017 she appeared in two serials. He played the role of Umm Adnan in the series “The Black Day” as guest of honor in the series “Vai Ya Jarra” and “Bo Nature”. In 2018, appeared in the series “Agrap”.
May God have mercy on the talented artist Amal Abbas and make her live in his spacious gardens, and may God grant patience and comfort to her family, (To God we belong and to Him we shall return).
Raja al-Badr: An Irreplaceable Artist

Talented Kuwaiti fashion designer Raja Al-Badr has expressed his grief over the death of talented artiste Amal Abbas, describing his departure as a loss to the art community after a career full of successes in theater or drama work. But there is no answer to God’s will.
Al-Badr told Al-Anba that the late Amal Abbas was one of the artists close to his heart for doing his work with honesty and passion and the fact that he has a fan base that follows his works because he performs. They are completely arbitrary, it is not difficult for any character to portray her on television or in theatre, because she is a true artist, may God not have mercy on her, forgive her and live in spacious gardens, my condolences to her honorable family.

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