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Is Egyptian singer Amr Diab violating women’s privacy by promoting harassment? What is the secret of insisting that the society that categorizes women as the most oppressive society should be destroyed?


Cairo – “Today’s Opinion” – Mahmoud Al-Qai:

The announcement by Egyptian singer Amr Diab has sparked widespread controversy, with some insisting that it violates and violates women’s privacy.

The famous car company has drawn an advertisement for new technology in its latest cars, in which the advertisement featuring artist Amr Thiab.

The company said in a statement on its social media accounts that “it is interested in the sentiments of all the communities in which it operates and does not tolerate harassment in all its forms.”

“We understand the negative interpretation of the scene that appeared in the latest TV commercial for the car in Egypt and we will address it,” the company added in a statement.

In a promotional video highlighting the car’s new technologies, the artist, brand new ambassador Amr Deep, appeared while driving the car, and then a woman suddenly stepped in front of him. Then he read the phrase: “Capture every beautiful moment.”

The ad did not go unnoticed, and artist Amr Thiab was criticized after appearing in the ad.

Many social media pioneers have criticized the ad for inciting harassment.

Artist Abbas Abu al-Hassan attacked Amr Diab’s ad and said: “In a country with the most persecutors in the world, what exactly do you teach people when, unfortunately, a famous artist participates in an unforgivable ad? Fall, did he like the depiction of a woman trespassing on the street without her knowing it from an Arab face? And it is the good of the Arabs that drives people to buy! “

And Abu al-Hassan Hani Shaker mockingly said: “Leader of the Morals, Values ​​and Defense of Tangan, Prince of Arab Duality, where are you !!”.

So normal

One activist (Alaa Qassem) believes the ad is very casual and has nothing to do with harassment at first, especially since we are on the street in a public place.

And he concluded: There is no external word or movement in this.

Supervisor position

According to Al-Senussi Muhammad al-Senussi, the status of the company is respectable and worthy of worship.

And, “unfortunately, the so-called” artist “and the advertiser of this ad is actually a worse example than the one who says” harassment “!!

The Lord who can bring harm and good

Some believe the ad was withdrawn and its ad stopped, but Citroen received more powerful publicity than the company had arranged for him.

In the opinion of activists, the director of this company and his staff can not be trusted to enjoy respect and chastity, which means that we are not so naive to believe such nonsense.

He concluded that the failure of the advertisement and other reasons prompted him to cancel it.

There is no difference between him and Becca and Shakaush

Some activists argued that Amr Thiab should be educated, cultured and intellectual, and that he should apologize for changing the scenario of the ad knowing that the ad was inappropriate. Money is the most important thing he has, because he does not think right and wrong and does not think of advertising films.

He denounced and asked: What is the difference between him and Becca, Shakash and Enba in this matter?

Why are you destroying society?

In the same context, some attacked the systematic campaign to destroy Egyptian society, and argued that the situation would not tolerate further incitement to fire as Egyptian society was classified as one of the most sexually harassing communities against women.

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