August 14, 2022

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What is the "Florona" disease that appeared in Israel? The real fear of its dangers?

What is the “Florona” disease that appeared in Israel? The real fear of its dangers?

The Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, reported the first case of the so-called “Florona” disease, which is a double infection with the corona virus and the flu.

The newspaper points out that a woman who visited Robin Medical Center this week for childbirth has been diagnosed with a “twin disease”. According to doctors, the young woman, who has not been vaccinated, is in good health and is expected to be discharged later today, Friday, according to Russia Today.

Professor Arnon Wegnitzer, a gynecologist and gynecologist, said the woman had no serious symptoms and that she had been tested for corona and influenza as soon as she arrived and that the results were positive for both.

The Ministry of Health is still investigating the case and has not yet determined whether the combination of the two viruses will cause a more serious illness. Health officials estimate that other patients may have had “fluorona” but were not diagnosed.

Israel sees a wave of influenza pandemic last week as Israeli hospitals treated 1,849 patients so far. The recorded case of “Florona” comes at a time when health officials revealed yesterday that 4,000 new corona cases had been registered, at a record level not seen since September.

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