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Is it necessary to take a bath every day?


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – CNN Chief Data Correspondent Harry Enton was kicked and shouted at when his mother dragged him into the shower. For a while. Today.

Maybe that’s why, a few months ago, he hated when he heard that people don’t wash or bathe every day.

But what if two-thirds of the Americans who bathe me every day are wrong? What if daily bathing is not the best way to maintain hygiene?

This is the topic of discussion of Margins of Error, the last episode of his podcast, where he deals with topics we experience every day.

“Let’s face it: we live in a judgment-loving entertainment community,” Enton said.

Evaluate whether others are bathing or not

Dr. James Hamblen sparked controversy a few years ago when he abruptly decided to stop taking a bath. After trying it, he wrote the book Hygiene: The New Science of Skin, and the Aesthetics of Doing Less.

“Health practices are one of the last areas that allow one to insult each other in public with rudeness or hatred,” Hamplin told Indon.

“We’ve made a lot of progress in many areas, but the rain is still a judgment room, and we need to make sure of that.”

No one was spared from these verdicts, and actress Mila Kunis and actor Ashton Kutcher made headlines last summer.

But, polls show how frequent washing or bathing is a recent phenomenon.

According to Gallup, in the 1950s, less than 30% of Americans bathed or bathed at least once a day in the winter. However, they seem to have lived well.

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So, Inten decided to dig deeper into the problem, and why do we bathe so much now, is it necessary? Essential for our health … and just marketing is the line between what?

According to Catherine Assenberg, author of Dirt on Cleanline: An Unhealthy History, humans have a complex history of going to ancient Rome to bathe.

Although the Romans wanted a bath, the word was mispronounced hundreds of years later.

When the death of lions appeared in the fourteenth century, Catherine said, doctors believed that “taking a hot bath increases the chances of getting plague.” .

However, it can be said that it was very rare for the French King Louis XIV to bathe. But he was allowed to change linen shirts several times a day.

Is Frequent Cleaning Harmful to Us?

What has changed then? On the one hand, Endon explained, we are digging deeper into the germ theory. We have a lot of access to clean water sources, soap and shower, on the other hand, marketing has gone to the peak, you can not return without seeing the ad trying to sell an item that keeps you clean, it is a multi-billion dollar business.

And some medical professionals believe that excessive brushing makes us unhealthy. It turns out that we can actually benefit from some other germs.

So, in this week’s podcast episode, Inten decided to explore how often you really need to wash and understand why it’s important to understand the difference between personal hygiene and cleanliness. In addition, he will share his personal grooming experience.

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