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Ruler of Sharjah talks with Social Development and Sustainable Economic Development – Oxford Business Council – Economy – UAE Economy


The Emirate of Sharjah was created by Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah and a member of the Supreme Council of the United Arab Emirates. For social and cultural development in the United States. The Oxford Business Group (OBG), a global research and consulting firm, was able to learn about the features of this project in an exclusive conversation with his high-ranking Sheikh Sultan.

In his participation, Sheikh Sultan said there are many things to take into account when analyzing economic power, in which all sections of society can achieve the desired hopes and dreams.

Sheikh Sultan told the Oxford Business Council in his speech: “We strive to create an economy that aims not only to create markets, but also to create an integrated nation in which the community is grateful for the contributions of each individual.

Report: Sharjah 2021 revisits the whole outlook as the forthcoming Oxford Business Council Report highlights the Emirate’s economic growth and its investment opportunities.

Among the topics addressed by Sheikh Sultan in his speech on social development and its role in safeguarding sustainable economic growth was: A platform for long-term profitable investment that will develop people’s skills, experience, culture and creativity. The true nature of growth is to create value in our business and give meaning to life. ”

Sheikh Sultan said he understands the challenges facing individuals and businesses and that efforts are underway to improve the infrastructure, services and support legislation.

Sheikh Sultan added: “Economic practices are said to meet the conditions required for the sustainability of resources, climate, environment and business. We believe that the transition towards sustainability must begin with the well-being of the community.

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Report: Sharjah 2021 will serve as your important guide to learn many facts about the UAE including macroeconomics, infrastructure, banking sector and other developments in various sectors. This edition is designed to include a comprehensive guide to investors in every field and interviews with leading individuals. This report is part of the commitment reports currently being prepared by OBG and its partners, as well as other relevant and important research tools, including numerous articles and interviews discussing perspectives on development and recovery at the national and regional levels.


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