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It’s like a tennis ball… Scientists combine 90,000 snapshots to reveal stunning image of Sun (Witness) | Various news



In a snapshot that has sparked worldwide admiration, two astrophotographers have teamed up with the US space agency “NASA” to create an image that highlights the glowing surface of the Sun.

Combining nearly 90,000 images of the Sun from multiple angles, photographers Andrew McCarthy and Jason Jensel created an image called the Fusion of Helios, or “Helios Fusion,” that highlights the sun’s curved surface and shows the normally invisible solar corona. A scene like a layer of fluff covering a tennis ball.

The aforementioned fusion is a mutual process in which two light nuclei combine to form a heavy nucleus, and this process releases a large amount of energy.

Fusion reactions occur when substances exist in a state called the plasma state, which takes the form of a hot, charged gas of positive ions and free electrons with unique properties that distinguish it from the solid, liquid, and gaseous states. .

To coalesce in the heart of our planet’s rising sun, the nuclei must collide with each other at very high temperatures of over ten million degrees Celsius, which helps overcome the electrical repulsion between them.

If the nuclei overcome this repulsion and the distance between them becomes too close, the strength of the nuclear attraction between them reaches a level that overcomes the electrical repulsion, allowing them to fuse together.

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For this to happen, the nuclei must be spaced a short distance apart to increase the chances of collision. Due to the extremely high pressure created by the Sun’s immense gravity, the necessary conditions for the fusion process are achieved in the Sun’s core.

Photographer Andrew McCarthy told Science magazine (Life Science) “We wanted to create a high-resolution image that would break the traditional rules of following our Sun for astronomical and artistic concerns more broadly than ever before. In other words, we wanted to create a complete mosaic of the Sun.”

McCarthy added, “One of the challenges is getting images of both the corona, the outermost part of the Sun’s atmosphere, and the chromosphere, the thin layer of plasma that lies between the corona and the Sun’s visible surface (the photosphere). These parts of the Sun can only be seen under certain conditions.

Currently, researchers are working to explain how the dynamics of the Sun’s magnetic field relate to processes in the Sun’s interior to help scientists predict solar flares.

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