May 28, 2023

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Jawhar Muhammad Umar surrounded the place with wonder and questions  Strange Jalal

Jawhar Muhammad Umar surrounded the place with wonder and questions Strange Jalal

Such is the essence of Muhammad in his relation to the nature of Kurdistan, that he rises in its defense, writes of its beauty as if it were an unattainable end, and his ambition is neither broken nor wavered, nothing. Limiting his impulses towards it, he practices chronicling her existence, searching for its secrets, adding what he can from his memory, its beauty and its fragrance, nothing to deceive him. He was attuned to his methods of production, as he freed the rainbow from his vision, only to push him down the paths of dreams, in the light of life, full of love, and clothed in colors. He who surrounds the place with questions, throws them anywhere, and returns with the brush dipped into his heart, is in an argument based on a series of reactions to which the aesthetic element emerges, and it will be obvious. It enriches most artistic formulas not only in its formal aspect but also in its development.

Jawhar Muhammad felt the need to express the aesthetic uniqueness of the nature of Kurdistan in a realistic form, in which and from various aspects its energy and songs are detailed, and with respect to its characteristics become clear over time. The context in relation to its circumstances, significance and role. What gives him a great role in its separation, its ideal and its powers of influence in its various regressions, is not the essence of Muhammad and all his works. He is content to highlight their objective value as expressions that deepen into their core as a phenomenon in which he realizes the real reasons for its beauty and roots. This leads to a summary that lacks redundancy, but rather consists of monologues expressing his faith, and this is attested by the many uses of related vocabulary and interrelated in many aspects, creating its unique character. Based on the depictions of Muhammad, he/she conveys the same knowledge in his/her mind with its objective aspects through his/her artistic method of depicting the essence of Muhammad from its realistic side. Give him the opportunity to penetrate deep into the inner world of nature and man and portray it honestly.

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