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Kardashian resigns and Lebanon restores ties with the “Gulf”


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Yesterday, Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi announced his resignation – after causing a major crisis for his country, which is already plagued by a number of crises – to President Michael Aun and Prime Minister Najib Mikhail, who said his country was ready. To remove any contaminants in the relations with the Cooperation Council of the Arab Gulf States.

And the resignation letter states: “In the public interest I submit to you my resignation request from the post of Information Minister and I hope you will accept the request.”

In an interview with the director of the Middle East News Agency in Lebanon, Mickey said his country was ready to remove any contaminants in relations with the Gulf states, reiterating his country’s desire to have better relations with the Gulf states, “because Lebanon feels safe when it is on the side of the big brother.” He added: “Lebanon has always been an Arab country in identity and identity. It is a founding and working member of the League of Arab States, and is committed to its Charter and strengthens them in the face of better relations with the Arab Brotherhood. The spirit of historical ties that unite our nations and peoples.”

The Lebanese Prime Minister appreciated Egypt’s continued support for Lebanon in all circumstances, circumstances and challenges facing the country, and thanked Egypt and President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for emphasizing that he is the owner of Egypt’s modern renaissance.

Wide difference

He stressed that he would be going to Egypt soon and would continue to listen to what is happening on Egyptian soil under the leadership of the CC in terms of development and reconstruction. Some years, assuming that “the Arab nation will be better when Egypt is better.”

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He added, “I can honestly say that Egypt was very interested in the gas issue for Lebanon to support and serve Lebanon. Thanks to Egypt and to President CC, the owner of modernity. The Renaissance in Egypt. “

On the Lebanese issue, Mikoti insisted on continuing to lead the government, which is not currently functioning as a cabinet, but rather as an executive government that executes full administrative procedures because he personally fully coordinates with all ministers. Work safety, the Council of Ministers emphasizes that soon.

He added: “In the end, this country worries us all, and there is someone who has to bear the brunt of the fire. When my colleagues at the former Prime Ministers Club recommended me, I was very hesitant at first because I knew it. It’s impossible if it is difficult, but I agree, because we can not push the country into this freeze, because we are punishing ourselves, and doing something is better than not doing good. He pointed out that the government did not come to float a person, to float the country and its security and social stability, he knew the magnitude, magnitude and dangers of responsibility, but in the end there was someone. I have to say that I will go through this difficult phase.

The Lebanese Prime Minister stressed that he did not have the magic wand to solve the challenges facing Lebanon and that he could not do the impossible, but would make every effort to prevent a complete collapse and complete the reforms within a specified time. Over time, the government has tried to protect the basics from day one, so it removed the “lines,” shamefully, insisting that its first goal was to stop the complete collapse.

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3 axes

Mikoti identified his government’s priorities in three respects, the first of which was to conclude negotiations with the International Monetary Fund and not to pursue a contract with the International Monetary Fund because it was a visa to open the door to all international funds. It should reconsider and cooperate with Lebanon, he said, adding that the second issue was power generation, stressing that the government was ahead of it.

The Lebanese Prime Minister stressed that holding parliamentary elections was the third priority, and that elections were a fundamental and comprehensive issue for Lebanon and a constitutional right, and that he was ready to hold transparent, fair and timely elections without any loopholes.

Mikati stressed his interest in cooperating with Aun and Speaker of Parliament Nabih Perry in accordance with the Constitution, emphasizing that “the executive must, in order to do its job, remain in coordination with the head of state so that the task may succeed,” and that it was the legislative authority that elected him as head of the cabinet and gave him his government. Hope, and without it, he can not succeed, especially at this point it helps to publish the basic and necessary laws. Does not look for differences, sensitivities or mania, and his focus is only on the success of the task at this difficult stage.

Regarding his relationship with the Ministers, the Lebanese Prime Minister made it clear that he would co-operate with all Ministers, without exception, that each Minister, who is in his own portfolio, strives and does what is fully necessary to carry out his mission. The success of the government, that cooperation is excellent, and that they have a full understanding and have no goal, is the only recovery at this stage.

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The Lebanese Prime Minister, in response to a request from the Lebanese Prime Minister that he be satisfied with the performance of his government from last September 10 until today, promised to be satisfied with the formation of the government, but he was not satisfied. If the ambitions and ambitions of the Lebanese are compared to what we have achieved, he added to its effectiveness: “Sorry .. I am not satisfied.”


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