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6 home remedies to get rid of bleeding gums


Your oral health is just as important as your mental health or physical health. However, maintaining oral health is not as easy as it sounds. If you brush or floss properly, it can actually cause underlying problems, especially gums. Bleeding gums are actually a very serious problem that can lead to many complications, according to the specialty medical website “Onlimihealth” which lists 6 home remedies to get rid of bleeding gums:

1. Adhere to good oral hygiene
Bleeding in the gums is actually a sign of poor dental hygiene. In most cases, it is not necessary to consult a dentist. However, if it happens more than twice in a row, you should visit it. Excessive plaque on the gums can cause swelling and bleeding. If you do not use the brush or floss properly, the risk of bleeding gums is high. Oral hygiene is very important for pregnant women due to fluctuations in pregnancy.

2. Rinse mouth with hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is a common oral disinfectant used to stop bleeding gums. It also helps prevent swelling and shrinkage of the gums. Hydrogen peroxide mouthwash is used effectively to provide a solution to the problem of gingivitis. This solution helps to whiten teeth and eliminates gingivitis which causes bleeding.

3. Avoid smoking
How many times have you heard that smoking is bad for your health? Very true, so it is best to stop or give up smoking to reduce the risk of lung cancer, heart disease and stroke because all of these are associated with severe gingivitis, which in most cases can lead to bleeding. Smoking lowers the body’s immune system and fights plague bacteria. Therefore, it is important to stop smoking to treat gum disease and stop this problem.

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4. Reduce stress
According to various studies, there is a study that points to the link between gum disease and stress. Depression is associated with an increased impact on the immune system. There must be a way to help the immune system fight gum infections. However, further studies and research are needed to confirm this report.

5. Increase your vitamin C intake
Eating foods rich in vitamin C can strengthen your immune system and help fight gum infections that cause bleeding gums. Not getting enough vitamin C can make the condition of your gums worse. This can lead to vitamin C deficiency and thus prevent bleeding gums with some good oral habits. Foods rich in vitamin C can reduce bleeding gums, including carrots, oranges, sweet potatoes and red pepper.

6. Use cold presses
Cold pressures can be very effective in reducing the factors associated with bleeding in the gums due to trauma or injury. Gingivitis is an important part of the gingival tissue. Cold compresses are often used on the gums to help reduce inflammation and regulate blood flow in the body.
Using an ice pack or cold washcloth for 20 minutes is good for gum health.

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