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UAEU launches “Accelerating the Future of Learning” camp


Al Ain (Union)

As part of its participation in Expo 2020 in Dubai as the Thai National University, the University of the United Arab Emirates has launched a training camp “Accelerating the Future of Education” in collaboration with the Association of Asian Universities and the Work Laboratory.
The camp is the most important part of the Future Company’s initiative, formerly known as the 100 Million Shining Stars Initiative, which is one of the most important projects of the UAE University Pavilion at Expo 2020. The training camp will last for five weeks and students will continue to gain knowledge in order to continue to be a pioneer for future work for young people in the Arab world, Africa and South Asia.
In his welcome address during the opening ceremony, Dr. Kalab Ali Al-Hadrami Al-Buraiki, Acting Rector of the UAEU said: “I am very grateful to our partners, the“ Asian Universities Association ”and the“ Future of the Work Laboratory. ” It helps to develop future students through training sessions and unique events that will accelerate the future of the training camp in order to acquire knowledge and adapt to future employment. ”
The training camp received more than 200 requests from various universities, of which 60 requests came from 10 universities that are members of the Association of Asian Universities from various parts of the Arab world, South Asia, Africa and Asia. , And 16 participants were selected from the University of the UAE. United Arab Emirates.
For his part, Zhang Zhuangi, Secretary of the Association of Asian Universities, said: “We have been working to support various initiatives to enhance the inter-university student movement, enhance research collaboration, and improve higher education management. And I hope the acceleration for the future of the training learning camp will be an important new step in tackling global challenges, and will help students to continue to be knowledgeable and always relevant to the job in rethinking the future of education and making efforts out of it.
Experiencing social innovations, learning through practical application and achievement, students, academic leaders, technologists, policymakers, researchers and selected high school students will work hand in hand to reconsider the future of learning in the Arab world, Africa and the South. Five solutions that will be achieved by accelerating the future of Asian learning will be unveiled at the Future Summit in Expo 2020 Dubai in March 2022.

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Dr. Nihal Shabrak, Managing Director of UAE University Science and Innovation Park and Managing Director of UAE University Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai said: “UAE University Expo 2020 is a unique educational institution with its own pavilion in Dubai. With a focus on equipping students with the skills needed to predict the future so that the Institute’s goal for the future is to find an innovative way to tackle the challenge of unemployment. Contribute to the spread of the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation that you have today. And an unforgettable journey that will revolutionize future education and learning. ”

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