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Leave the world.. Stars alone do not make a good film


Imagine a movie starring… Julia Roberts An excellent director, producer and writer like Mahershala Ali, Ethan Hawke, 3 top-notch actors, Sam Ismail and the best critically and audience-received novel of 2020. Also, you will definitely see a combined dramatic dish, but the result was completely disappointing.

The film was produced by the network Netflix Weird idea, end of the world and internal conflicts (racism / conflict over property / identity crisis) Despite having characters intertwined with what is really going on in the world it lacks many of the elements that make it attractive, so they are mired in conflict. Little did they know that the world was ending around them.

The film’s most notable flaw is the direction:


It was very fascinating, with complex and incomprehensible shooting angles, and with shooting scenes, the director insists on turning the camera in a strange, incomprehensible way, without understanding its purpose, overlapping between scenes in two parallel dramatic increments. So many places, anticipation of events, and then nothing in the end.

Another thing is that the pace of the film was very slow. The rhythm was not slow but rather slow and boring to think about the events and messages the film wanted to convey. Maybe it was because of the lack of film. The world of the stops within its infrastructure at a certain point, and even when it tries to, the film creates interesting and tense intertwining scenes that end abruptly without the climax that started it.

The music…relying on tense music from the start, as if the filmmakers wanted to emphasize that this is a doomsday film even in the most mundane scenes.A scene at the beach or two kids having fun in a swimming pool, the music is in the background, without the effect of its presence. Scenery is a compelling factor in the scene, but it is not significant in the scene.

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Acting… You feel that the heroes of the work are not at their best. Julia Roberts is average at best. Even in her elaborate scenes, her emotions are not up to the mark. Either she is more emotional than the scene can bear, so it comes close to comedy like the deer scene, or the scene is bearable. Less than enough, and you can see her without appropriate expressions.

Mahershala Ali is also better than Julia Roberts in a very average but coherent performance. Perhaps the best scenes in the film are the scenes where they come together. The best performances come from both during the events of the film.

Leave the world
A scene from Exit the World

The best performance ever in a movie is Ethan Hawke, a perfect example of the classic American father role, a quiet man who has lost all means of communication in the most difficult situations he has ever faced. .He has to depend on himself and others.No connections, no networks, no satellites.Industry, his acting escalates throughout the film until the final scenes and the explosion of his simple, unassuming performance.

Scenery… The scene of the film is a huge disaster. If 30% of the film’s problems are due to the direction, surely 60% of its problems are the scene written by director Sam Ismail based on the novel. Writer Roman Alam. It has accumulated many flaws, but the most important one is the severe dullness of the film and the most important one is the laziness of the message delivery.

The scene, which criticizes many things in American culture and politics and the complete reliance on technology in all aspects of life, tries to emphasize these messages suddenly and without introduction, the speeches of its heroes, in which they are the wisdom of the film and its conclusion: we are too dependent on technology. America has created many antagonisms. ..many who wish to harm them.Families torn apart and reunited.Even words written on the back of a notebook. In the 1990s, stories like “united is strength” were spoken to each other by the film’s heroes. The film is not content with pointing out, but insists on conveying its messages in the simplest and laziest ways possible.

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Mohammed El-Dohamy

The two-and-a-half-hour film Leave the World Behind could have been better if it had been an hour-and-a-half instead of stretching the director’s muscles with pointless plots. And the compositions, perhaps if the direction had been traditionally simple, would have been even better. The excuse of the film is that it discusses philosophical ideas. It is critical of the life we ​​live now and has rich ideas, great potential for success. Powerful cast. It lost almost all of its challenges, and all that remained was a good story told in a bad way.

My rating for Leave the World Behind is 4 out of 10.

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