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Artists in “Cinema for Children”: Art is a message in the face of ugliness


Artists and officials from the film industry emphasized the importance of cinema to shed light on the Palestinian issue from a humanitarian perspective and express the voices of the Palestinian people and their suffering through cinema.

Participating in the tenth edition of the Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth this year, they pointed out that in light of the humanitarian issues and tragedies the world is witnessing, especially in Palestine, there is a need for a multi-member stand on the matter. The role of media and cinema comes in shedding light on social and hence humanitarian issues. Showing that is a message in the face of ugliness.

experiences and cultures

Artist Ammar Al Rahma noted that cinematic works are an opportunity to get to know people and their cultures, including their problems and sufferings, noting their importance in introducing children to the issues that various people’s cultures and societies go through. Their details are closely related through works of art. Al Rahma said: “Cinema helps transmit and receive culture through art, which is covered by the Sharjah Film Festival for Children and Youth, which helps young people contribute to spreading their cultures and highlighting them. Through Art and Cinema.”

Social work and responsibility

Actress Amal Muhammad said: In the current situation Palestine is facing, it is our responsibility as artists to convey meaningful and awareness-raising messages through theatre, cinema and programs. As artists, we act with humanity. and positive messages to the world, and we hope to contribute a small part to service.” Palestine, through art or volunteer work.

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Amal said: It is our duty as artists to contribute to these campaigns, therefore, before the start of the film festival, we participated with individuals and volunteers of different nationalities and ages in a campaign dedicated to the victims of Palestine. A large number of artists and community members participated.

Cinematic works

Many artists confirmed their willingness to participate in creating an artwork that bears witness to the suffering of the Gazans, including artist Ashjan, who confirmed his full readiness to support and participate in works aimed at highlighting this issue. He said: “I believe in the importance of the artist having a purposeful message to present through his works, and I hope that there will be a cinematic film that sheds light on the Palestinian issue from a humanitarian aspect, and I will personally be the first. Please support this work.”

Big challenges

Despite the importance of these cinematic works in highlighting the humanitarian issues faced by Palestinians, directing and directing them is a major challenge for directors. As Emirati director Nahla Al-Fahd confirms, it is considered more influential than any other work of art. The actual clips released play an important role in influencing communities, cinema and humanitarian issues.

Nahla Al-Fahd explained: “Making a film about the events in Palestine no doubt supports Arab and Palestinian cinema, but the film must have an impact on the viewer by revealing the reality of what is happening in Gaza. A big challenge is that the cinematography does not influence the viewer as much as the real content disseminated on these sites. .So I believe that no cinematic text can convey what is happening in Gaza. We don’t need a film about Gaza to influence the society.. What we see on social media is a reflection of reality.

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