March 30, 2023

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Lebanese government apologizes for replacing Kuwaiti flag with UAE

Photo from Twitter

During the inauguration of the Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Hospital in Abu Dhabi, the Lebanese government apologized for the “mistake” that led to the hoisting of the Kuwaiti flag instead of the United Arab Emirates flag. Beirut.

The image of the two flags changing sparked a wave of ridicule on social media, and former Lebanese ambassador to Jordan Tracy Chamon tweeted: “Kuwait’s flag replaced Emirates. A dialogue table, no security tactics. Without running the state today.

A statement from the Directorate General of Ethics and Public Relations at the Lebanese Cabinet Headquarters said, “During the preparations for the opening of the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saeed Hospital Center, which was donated with the gratitude of the United Arab Emirates, the flags of Sister Emirates were flown inside and outside the Center.”

He added, “Pictures distributed on the main notice board are displayed, but an error occurred as a result of an employee’s confusion over the flag being placed on the platform next to the Lebanese flag, so the flag was placed in Kuwait State instead of the Emirates flag, which requires explanation and apology.”

Source: RT

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