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Johnson apologizes to Queen Elizabeth after Downing Street scandal


The office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson today apologized to Queen Elizabeth II on Friday, following a dinner on Downing Street ahead of her husband Philip’s funeral, subjecting the country to closure and preventing gatherings inside buildings.

Johnson is currently facing a very serious crisis during his tenure as prime minister, when a public closure and ban was imposed on Downing Street, while controlling the spread of the corona virus, at a time when it was impossible for the average citizen, continuous meetings were revealed. Have to say goodbye to someone who will die soon.

Tragically, when the Queen of Britain attended her husband’s funeral alone, Johnson’s party attended a banquet at her headquarters on Downing Street.

Johnson came out last Wednesday to apologize after a party at his official residence during the first period of being locked up due to the corona in the UK after his massive election victory in 2019. He admitted to attending the ceremony.

The Telegraph reported that two more drink parties were held inside Downing Street on April 16, 2021, when there were restrictions on community gatherings that were closed or open. She said Johnson was at her country house in Checkers that day.

The next day, Queen Elizabeth bid farewell to her husband Philip, who died at the age of 99.

Dressed in black and with a face of deep sadness, the 95-year-old stood alone, bowed his head, and the body of his 73-year-old comrade was laid to rest in the Royal Hall at St. George’s Church.

On Downing Street, it was very different. The Telegraph reported that Johnson’s crew went to a nearby store to buy drinks and used a laptop computer to play music, and that the swing used by Johnson’s young son broke down.

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Johnson’s opponents demanded that he resign, pretending to be a two – faced man who demanded that people obey some of the most painful rules in peacetime while his team was having fun.

The small but growing number of Johnson’s Conservative Party joined these demands, fearing that these events would damage the party’s electoral prospects.

According to Johnson (57 years), he gave many accounts of these parties, ranging from refusing to break any rules to understanding the anger that seemed hypocritical in the heart of the British government.

“Real mistakes have been made,” said Secretary of State Liz Truss, who is considered Johnson’s potential successor.

To start the race for the leadership of the Conservative Party and then for the post of Prime Minister, 54 of the party’s 360 MPs must write letters of no confidence in the Prime Minister to the chairman of the party’s relevant committee.

One of the celebrations on Downing Street in April 2021 was to honor former communications director James Slack, who said on Friday that he “must apologize without hindrance for the outrage and abuse that has been raised.”

Slack, now co-editor of The Sun, said in a statement that “the rally should not have taken place at that time.”

When asked by a Downing Street correspondent about the news of Prince Philip’s funeral the day before, Slack gave a “farewell speech to his colleagues, in which he thanked each and every one of them for their support, whether at work or from home, via screen.” .

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