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Vivaldi adds an email client and calendar to your browser


This is what Vivaldi has Release the update It offers many useful features built into the browser.

As of today, the browser includes the full email client, calendar and feed reader. Should Vivaldi’s competition start to worry?

Vivaldi is a portable browser that many users may not have heard of before. Google Chrome still dominates the market, Firefox dominates MarginAnd Safari Some statistics Do not register Vivaldi and associate it with anything similar Browsers. However, today’s update may turn out to be the necessary impetus for Vivaldi to get more attention from the internet.

Instead of using separate email clients such as Microsoft Outlook Or through Gmail and Google Calendar, Vivaldi users can now access these functions from the browser. This feature, called Vivaldi Mail 1.0, is ready to do more than just a built-in email client – which makes sense. After all, both Gmail and Outlook can be used through the browser, and accessing them is as easy as clicking a bookmark. That’s why Vivaldi stands out a bit by making managing emails easier.

Whether you have a Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo account, the best feature of Vivaldi Mail is that it can link all your email services together. Vivaldi lists all your emails, which means you can retrieve them while you are offline, and this applies to emails that you may not be able to open. Vivaldi automatically detects your mailing lists and mailing lists and gives you the option to search everything easily.

For many of us Vivaldi deals with the problem of having multiple email folders, which leads to an overall sense of clutter. The browser automatically sorts your mail into different views and folders. Each email can be placed in multiple views at once, so if there are multiple types in a message, they can be found in the appropriate folders.

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Users can switch between different scenes and enable or disable them, so if you want to hide all the junk, you can. All scenes are visible by default, so you can go to Settings and disable it when you first set the pair. The browser also offers built-in shortcuts that make it easy to create new emails, respond to existing emails, and more.

Vivaldi’s calendar tool looks similar to other calendars, but it allows you to choose whether you want to use the local calendar or the online calendar. They can be categorized into different scenes, allowing you to choose how much information you want to see for an event. The built-in RSS feed offers various customization options to filter spam and keep interesting messages.

Today’s update certainly offers some interesting features, but will it be enough to put Vivaldi on board? It may be, but Google and Microsoft can easily relax – their numbers are so large that a small player like Vivaldi can’t catch them quickly. However, it can be an interesting option for users who expect a very simple experience with many services.

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