February 4, 2023

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Line Expatriates: Reality TV Stars Based in Dubai on Persia’s Viewfinder?

It’s a small piece of paradise, and it will soon turn into line hell. In recent years, as many reality TV stars and other influencers have decided to settle in Dubai, the tiny emirate is at the crossroads of French tax authorities. According to information from Echo, The hunt for tax evaders should really intensify when Dubai does not use income tax.

On June 16, the German Ministry of Finance confirmed the purchase of a CD-ROM containing information on “millions of taxpayers worldwide and thousands of German taxpayers with assets in Dubai.” A file to thank the French authorities for the policy International information exchange. “There have already been contacts between the tax administrations of the two countries, and the German administration has expressed a desire to send the information it has to French taxpayers,” the Directorate General of Public Finance confirmed on a daily basis.

Keep track of fraud

This list will allow French tax authorities to verify whether French citizens living in Dubai have declared their income to management or have paid the “exit tax” aimed at capital gains realized by overseas entrepreneurs. The French small screen stars Thus should be particularly explored and slightly misconduct severely punished.

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The exchange was established almost four years ago and has more than 100 signatories United Arab Emirates Which belongs to Dubai. Countries involved in this process are committed to providing their banking data to fight tax fraud around the world.

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