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Ten exceptional places to have a drink and enjoy the sunset


Persian Gulf side and sea, side வானலை Or the desert, where to see the sun turn red before reaching the other meridians? Top 10 places Figaro The best roofs and terraces in Dubai have breathtaking views.

AT Dubai, The forest of dense and tall skyscrapers stretching towards the clouds, like the surviving dunes anyway, are essential labs to enjoy the sunset. But to get the privilege of being in the front row, nothing can be improved and booking takes most of the time. View of Dubai, our top 10 places on the most beautiful roofs of Tapso.

In the line of sight, the towers

Spectacular labs to explore the vertical city set in the sand.

Burp Khalifa, Symbol of Dubai

What could be more enjoyable than having a drink or tea at 555 meters above the ground? Adobe Stock

The tallest tower in the world (830 m) will remove it almost before its neighbor construction (1000 m). The three sites at 124, 125 and 148 (the highest, the most accessible at 555 meters) allow you to watch the sun go down … 3 minutes after its official time, due to the altitude! An important significance in this Muslim country during Ramadan should be broken later on at the highest levels, remind religious officials. Depending on the size, you may have a drink, dinner or your personal club area. Reservation is required.

Price : Free for children under 4, with “85 for“ Guest Ambassador ”descriptions, three-level access, interactive experiences and a non-alcoholic beverage in the Sky Lounge,

Advice : Book 60 minutes before sunset as there are queues. The elevator, on the other hand, is super fast.

The Lounge Burj Khalifa, 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid PLD, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Phone. : + 971 48 888 888.

Level 43 Sky Lounge, Cocktails and Ladies First

Level 43, Sheraton’s four points, is one of the only roofs revealing Shake Jacket Avenue. Sheraton / Photo

On the 43rd floor of the hotel, 155m, Sky Lounge, four points from Sheraton, on Main Avenue, sells out quickly at the end of the afternoon. Most popular, its cocktail menu “Sunset Happy Hours” is from 6pm to 8pm, but every Sunday from 8pm to 11pm, its “Keyshas Nights”, unlimited wine and sushi plate is reserved for 23 for women. Sheikh Zayed Avenue is one of the only roofs to be exposed in a row when painted with orange and sun red.

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Price: At the time Sunset, Consumption, at least 25.

Advice: Festive place to live with friends without children.

Level 43, Sheraton’s four points, Sheikh Saeed R.D., Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Phone. : +971 56 414 2213.

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Le Privilege is a stunning roof located on the 75th floor of the SLS Dubai Hotel and Residence. Press Agor / Photo

Opened in April 2021, in the Business Bay District, this five-star card plays Fashion Located on the 75th floor with a stunning roof “Le Privilege”. What better way to take advantage of the tallest swimming pool in Dubai or to appreciate the last rays of Burj Khalifa and The Creek, or to enjoy the signature cocktail “Desert Sunset”? Reservation is required.

Price : 25 from (cocktail).

Advice: Take your swimsuit, Infinity Pools including the 2 in the west are very attractive. Pieces are provided.

SLS Dubai Hotels and Apartments, Marasi Doctor, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Phone. : +971 4 607 0757.

Kevora Hotel, Very spectacular

The Jivora roof lives up to expectations with a 360 degree view from sunrise to sunset Press the photo

75th floor with a roof but a restaurant: “Highest View Lounge”, with the highest 360 ° view in Dubai, unique. Shares throughout the city.

Advice: Arm yourself patiently to climb to the roof, the lift is the slowest in the world… or almost and for dinner, average service. Arrive an hour before sunset.

Price : 25 from.

Kevora Hotel, 101 Sheikh Saeed Road, Trade Center DTFC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Phone. : +971 4 524 0000.

Mercury Lounge, Rooftop Double Face in four seasons

“Mercury Lounge” and its unique dual expression. Four Seasons / Photo

Situated on the coast of Jumeirah, the “Mercury Lounge”, renovated in September 2020 with the “French Riviera” mentality, overlooks Dubai’s urban landscape, with the Burj Khalifa on one side and the Gulf of Persia on the other.

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Advice: Compulsory reservation. Arrive at the opening at 6pm to experience the fall of the day in all its serenity.

Price : From 15, tapas and signature Aperitif.

Mercury Lounge in four seasons, 2 Jumeirah St., Jumeirah 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Phone. : +971 4270 7777.

From town to sea

Clean Sky Lounge & Dining, Hollards in Sound Background

Bar and Restaurant on the Hilton Dubai Walk a To Watch the sun sink in the Gulf and appreciate Ain Dubai, the world’s happiest tour. Hilton / Photo

The bar and restaurant is located on the 35th floor of the four-star Hilton Dubai The Walk, in the chic and vibrant district of Marina Browser. To Watch the sun sink in the Gulf for many years and admire Ain Dubai, the world’s happiest tour. Yes, another post! Booking is required.

Price : Sweet cocktail, € 15 and from the fusion menu Food, Tasty, approximately 75

Advice : Think about picking up a sweater or shawl, as the wind at this height sometimes refreshes the atmosphere as the sun sets.

Hilton Dubai The Walk, Dubai Marina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Phone. : +971 4 318 2319.

Five Palm Jumira, Pentavus Trendy

At the Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel, the “Penthouse” is for adults only. Jumeirah Hotel / Photo

Styling on the 16th floor, with 470 rooms Life, In the marina, “Penthouse” is reserved for adults with its two infinite pools, menu and table. Great plan for enjoying the end of the day with sunset in the sea and sky.

Price : Although the “penthouse” is free, it is a good idea to make a reservation to appreciate the sunset, and dinner at “Five” is a beautiful experience. Approximately. 70.

Advice : Great for fans of disco music, others will depart with the sun … before the decibels fly.

Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel, No. 1 Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Phone. : +971 4 455 9989.

Sky View Bar, Burj Al Arab, a 7 Star Sunset!

7 star sunset over the sea at Burj Al Arab. Anne-Marie Catalin-lu d / la Picaro

The 27th floor of the hotel, which claims to be the only 7 star in the world, simultaneously whines like a wave on the 27th floor of the hotel known as the tea room, bar and restaurant, this unique place can only be accessed by booking. Too long in advance. With 7 star sunsets over the sea. For weeks now, Burj Al Arab has had a very contemporary “Beach Club Sal” with a historic Ido sunset.

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Price : Drinks or dinner. Count at least 150 Count per person, even for an aperitif with tapas.

Advice : In winter, the sun is very lazy and going to bed at 5pm is a bonus with champagne, succulent, generous, sunset for tea time.

Skyview Bar & Restaurant Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Jumeirah RD, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Phone. : +9714031 7777.

Atlantis The Palm as a cardboard decoration

Enjoy a drink with sunset against the backdrop of Atlantis The Palm: Peace is guaranteed. Atlantis / Photography

Built at the extreme point of The Palm, this artificial island, shaped like a palm tree with a trunk and sixteen palms, scans the horizon on the Atlantis 360. Some of its 1548 rooms are excellent observations Sunset. Another option is to have a drink with the sunset against the backdrop of its “white beach” terrace.

Price : A cocktail or mocktail. 20 from first.

Advice : To get a taste of this fall sun from Atlantis, connect with Live Webcam, The Palm.

White Beach Dubai, Atlantis The Palm, Crescent RD, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE. Phone. : +9714 426 2000.

Sunset Long, Magic Camps or Toons Infinity

Sunset in the Dubai Desert in the Al Lisaili area. Anne-Marie Catalin-lu d / la Picaro

It was the ultimate experience, an hour’s drive from the city, in the Dubai desert in the Al Lisaili area. Two options: Book One Sunset aperitif or a Sunset Choose an aperitif package, dinner, dinner in the most comfortable tent with dinner, friends or an independent bathroom nearby. Magic Camps offers this private service for six to eight people (large, very comfortable tent, with adjoining bathroom, individual). Unforgettable moment

Price : Maximum 8, lowest price per person. 300 Aperitif, dinner, overnight.

Advice: Magic Camps takes its guests to the sand dunes. Definitely discard the “rodeo” on the 4X4 flat tires, the engine is pushed, the eco variant.

Magic Camps : Office 1716, Blue Bay Tower, Marasi Doctor, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Phone: +9714 437 8884.

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