Friday, April 19, 2024

What’s new about Corona at Rafiq Hariri Hospital?


Rafiq Hariri University Hospital released a daily report on the development of corona virus / Govit-19:

– Number of tests in hospital laboratories within 24 hours: 337.
Number of patients infected with corona virus in hospital for follow-up: 44 patients.
Number of suspected cases of corona virus infection within 24 hours: 9 cases.
– Number of patients admitted to the hospital with recovery cases within 24 hours: one.
Total number of patients treated from the inside of the hospital from the beginning to date: 1270 recovery cases.
Number of cases transferred from the intensive care unit to the isolated unit after their condition has improved: one.
Number of critical cases in hospital: 18 cases.
Deaths: Two cases.

The Govt-19 Vaccine Center inside Rafiq Hariri University Hospital is at your service from Monday to Friday. Phone number 01832070 and WhatsApp number 70056182.

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