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Lotfi Labib has announced that he will retire from acting at his honor ceremony due to his health condition


The talented Egyptian artist Lotfi Labib recently announced today that he is retiring from acting after appearing recently at his honors ceremony at the Academy of Arts, and confirmed that he was forced to retire from acting due to his inability to work. .

Lotfi Labib announced his retirement from acting due to ill health

Today, the artist attended the opening ceremony of the Nihat Saliha Theater at the Lotfi Labeeb Art Academy, and during the ceremony received special honors in appreciation of his artistic career, and in addition to many other artists such as Zuhair al-Morshedi. , Honoring the late artist Mahmoud al-Jundi, and announcing his retirement from acting as part of the Lotfi Labib, on the one hand, pointing out that he made that decision due to his health and inability to stand due to his previous condition. Stroke.

Tribute to the artist Lotfi Labib

At most of the ceremonies the artist appeared in the chair of Ludfi ​​Labeeb, and the audience was shocked by the news that he had retired from acting, and talked about his health and his inability to work. Photo with Lotfi Labib The latter commented on it after meeting him behind the scenes of his latest work: Noorna Impre is one of the best days in the filming of Mama Lodfi Lab, and her last role was in the “Men of the House” series last year.

The health of artist Lotfi Labib

Artist Lodfi Labib spoke in his last media interview about his health and working conditions last year, and said he did not leave acting because he could not stay away from the art or photography environment, but about his health. Prevents him from acting at present, especially after he lost his mobility. His current health, and he announced that he was not well, asked the audience to pray for him, and that he was currently working on writing new artwork, waiting for a TV series to be shown.

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Ludfi ​​Labeeb said he refuses to dictate his terms to the teacher and director because of his health and current conditions, and that the acting industry is harder and harder, requires more movement, and does not want to affect his art history and value. , But at the same time he does not deny works that are suitable for his health, and Labib sent a message to his audience, he said: “I’m not afraid of the audience, I’m sick, I can not .. .. they consider it half rest .. rest .. Pray that God will heal me. ”

Photos from the Ministry of Culture’s Facebook account, Ashraf Abdel Baki’s Instagram account and TV interviews with Lotfi Lab.

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