March 27, 2023

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A mockery of Mohammed Salah .. The stolen shield and necklace cost 27

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The storm of criticism faced by sports officials in Egypt follows a delay in honoring Liverpool player and national teammate Mohamed Salah for his achievements at his English club.

While Youth and Sports Minister Ashraf Sophie and Egyptian football captain Kamal Allam were waiting for him, Salah went to the ground to perform warm-up operations in the middle of the girls ’honor walk to greet him. The association and several officials, according to the Al-Arabia channel.

The Sports Minister also presented the Liverpool star with a Baronic necklace and a crystal shield engraved with the words “We will always be proud of you”.

The move comes in favor of Salah after a better career with Liverpool this season, during which time he won the FA Cup and the Professional League trophy, while losing the English Premier League and Champions League titles at the last minute.

One of them wrote, “The price of a phosphorus green scarf is 27 Egyptian pounds.”

The hastily made “shield” was criticized as the good guys on the communication sites went on to say it had been stolen from the store.

Many communication pioneers claimed that the design of the shield that Salah received was a re-creation from his opponent, which is presented by a television show that wins over students in school competitions.

It is noteworthy that Salah has won several individual awards as the highest scorer in the Premier League, the best goal scorer in the tournament, and the best player of the England Football Critics Association.

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