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Mary infiltrates Dubai: Following a dangerous investigation in the United Arab Emirates


“The Hidden Face of Dubai” is the name Mary Cheaps gave to her report, which was filmed heavily on a hidden camera in the United Arab Emirates. The third and final episode of the mini-series will be released on Sunday, April 25 on his YouTube channel and on his Instagram account.

On Sunday, April 25, the third episode of the video series entitled “The Hidden Face of Dubai” will be released. After meeting with French influencers to settle in Dubai, he said, “Escape from France … or Mary Penolial’s partner infiltrated the city’s work camps.

Marie, who is known for her commonly used teasing videos, amazes Internet users. This survey of the bottom of Dubai has garnered more than 1.4 million views for the second video and over 1.1 million views for the first scene.

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After the release of the second episode of “SPCT” on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, Mary Penolial Alice Mary intrudes Was invited to Set by Yan Parthas Talk about his theft show. The French comedian admitted that he had originally left to shoot a clip: “I had no real idea of ​​holding a special Elise Lucet trial in Dubai. I set out to create a clip of a song I wrote”. In the Quodidian collection, Mary Penolial admits that she shot the film after being challenged and shocked by the “horrible living conditions” in which the workers of the “luxury city” live.

“Men were ashamed to know I was not a prostitute”

Before condemning the poor working conditions in the city (confiscation of passports, deportation of sick people to camps or banning women from staying around), Mary noticed that prostitution had become almost “a norm” in Dubai. “I was surprised because all non-Emirati or working women are treated as sex objects, we can pay in a certain way,” laments a prostitute on YouTube, I was a paradox to them.

“In Dubai, all women who belong to or do not work for the Emirates are seen as sex objects: I met men who were shocked to learn that I am not a prostitute and that it was an abnormality for them!”

Mary enters #day by day

– Daily (@Qofficiel) April 20, 2021

Threats were received from influencers

To uncover the hidden face of the luxury city, YouTube takes risks: “Street shooting is forbidden in Dubai, we’re nervous,” he begins for Jan Pardes. Trying to reveal the city’s background, often referred to by influencers and reality TV candidates as El Dorado, Mary Penolial drew the wrath of many of them. The comedian threatened to file a complaint against a candidate after the film was shot without his knowledge. Mary’s intrusive threats have not yet found color: “I’m still waiting,” she concludes in Codidian’s collection.

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