June 1, 2023

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The camel died after swallowing 2,000 plastic bags in Dubai

Marine animals are not the only endangered species Plastic pollution This was revealed by this horrific discovery made by a team of researchers including Marcus Erickson of America Dubai.

After examining the camel’s body, scientists found more than 2,000 plastic bags in the animal’s stomach. A mass comparable to that “From a large suitcase” Or about fifty bags in a man’s stomach, explains a passage published by Marcus Aixon Washington Post.

1% of camels die after eating waste

“After two decades at sea, I thought I saw everything.”, Laments marine pollution expert. Unfortunately the camel has not been an exception since 2008. Again, according to the study team, more than 300 camels – that is, 1% of the dead camels in the Dubai area have been “forgotten” after seeing the dead, and the humpback animals are blown away by males and wind in the living areas.

U.S. researcher actively involved in plastic pollution, details:

Imagine having fifty plastic bags in your stomach that you can’t digest, causing sores, nausea and always feeling full. You can not even eat anymore. This is what happens to camels, which leads to intestinal bleeding, blockages, dehydration, malnutrition and death.

A “Plastic Pollution Infection”

At the same time the whole planet rotated with its eyesThe corona virus is highly contagious, Marcus Erickson warnsPlastic pollution contagion “ We face, “From the top of the mountains to the bottom of the sea“. Is a deadly epidemic for many organisms that can be brought under control by setting up a sustainable alternative and greater prevention campaigns.

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“We need to stop talking about plastic pollution, it’s like it’s limited in our oceans and we need to start talking about global pollution.”, Underlining Americans in the Tribune. Many animals, including reindeer and elephants, are currently subject to the same catastrophic fate as the camel found in Dubai.

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